Monday, 5 March 2012

Keeping Well

So! It's been a while.. a really long while since I last posted. As you may know, I have been really focused on my business adventure in the travel industry to look for some diversity in terms of income for the future. It's doing well and we just had our best month ever, so things are looking good so far.

As you could have guessed, the new super premium charge came into effect and I was of course in that bracket. I was also in the upper end of that bracket where Bet(un)fair take 60% of my profits. A very interesting, bold, and in my opinion, desperate measure for short term profits and sacrificing the loyalty of some of their top customers. Obviously we'll never know the real decisions behind it - that will lie in the top end of the Betfair hierarchy. If I was Betfair I would have also implemented a premium charge - it makes complete sense. They hold the monopoly and why not take money if they can and people stay? But, to ask for 60% from their customers is a joke! It sounds silly, but I would have been OK with 40-50% because that's what tax levels reach, and considering bettors/traders do not pay tax, it's a "Well I would have had to pay that anyway". I generally just accept decisions made, as what's the point in stressing about them? My view is that when one opportunity disappears, another one arises.

Onto another subject, it has been brought to my attention that my pictures and identity (and god knows what else!) have been used illegally on a number of websites to promote ridiculous systems that have an almost impossible chance of ever working and making money for the people that purchase them. A real system that works, firstly a) would be kept secret to increase its longevity, and b) would have a short lifespan if let out into the open because it will have lost its edge as so many people begin to use it and make profit out of. My name IS Adam Heathcote, and no one else. I exist on Facebook and have nothing to hide! (Although I don't add strangers!). So if you ever see me in the streets of London where I live, come and say hello! And please do not trust ANY website that uses any images that can be found on here, or any information that can be found on here, as I simply do not own any other websites or web pages associated with betting or horse racing.

Cheltenham's coming up! And of course, I'll be giving it a bash as it's the most exciting time of year in horse racing and in trading. Looking at the markets, they have dropped in liquidity slightly since I was in daily full-flow trading on average (this isn't based on any numbers, just what I feel is going on), which doesn't really surprise me from all the crashes, charges and general frustration the betting/trading community has suffered. However, there is still ample opportunity to make a decent living from Betfair, and if the thought of paying the super premium charge doesn't scare you once you've made £250,000, then go for it! Because nothing has changed in terms of the essence of trading on horse racing. I have also been taking a look at Betdaq - I'm impressed that liquidity has increased - it will only get better. I would actually recommend if you're a complete beginner to begin trading on Betdaq as well as Betfair, as it's an evolving market and it can teach you skills that are important in trading.

Apart from ad hoc trading, I'm still a Toastmaster, I still enjoy staying fit and healthy and I'm still interested about anything and everything as I'll always ever be!

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