Friday, 20 November 2009

At Ease

I've been more accepting of the slowed down pace that the colder months have thrown up. I've learnt to trade slow and steady and be happy (as long as I reach over £1000 instead of the £2000 daily target!). I'd say I reached limitations with trading, and I can see now how the likes of Peter W. just accept trends in the market over periods of the year because they have seen it over more years than I have been around. I've only worked 9 days this month so far; buy doing all sorts of things. I am £25k short of the £300k target - I think the only thing that will prevent me from hitting it is the number of days I manage to sit down at my desk and trade. It's not because I'm not being disciplined - if racings on and I know I can trade, I will be there without doubt.

Anybody play Call of Cuty: Modern Warfare 2? I rarely play games, but this game is so much fun. My nickname is "fo_shizl" (PS3), I also play Fifa 10 if anybody wants a thrashing?

Sorry for the lack of posting - I normally like doing long posts, but I've covered a lot of trading aspects in past posts, but I'll do more, but shorter!

Monday, 2 November 2009


Another quiet month for me! Ideas, time out, planning and evolving my sense of self has been high up there on my what I've done list. One thing that I discussed with a fellow Bet Angel user (aka my landlord!) was that once you've learnt how to trade an make money from it, the general skill and ability won't disappear - it just needs refreshing. Many people will want to learn trading as a skill to be able to do to earn some extra side money - this is absolutely feasible, however, you need to have got to a certain skill level to be able to do that. If I were to work once a week, I would quite simply be rusty whenever I trade, but because I have learnt the skills I should always be able to profit from - but only a percentage of my full capability. I'd say it lies somewhere between 25 and 60 percent. Another thing to mention if you are learning - you really need to have worked full-time for at least 4 months at it to acquire these skills! Going half-hearted at something will seldom get you anywhere to being able to compete in the markets. This is because markets can subtly change, and you need to be in the change while it's going on. However, market movements are still fairly predictable, even with the noise of money you see.

October I worked 9 days averaging approximately £1000 a day, which is not good for me, but it was because of the on and off trading I was doing. Not to mention coming back from holiday and a long weekend course, I went on to find volatile, low liquid markets. A few big backers also changing the shape of the markets from what I was dealing with in September!