Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Another fairly quiet month in all aspects for me this month. I've really kind of taken a back seat on trading - I am not so intensely determined to make as much money as possible because I've really no need to earn more than a certain amount. It's very comfortable earning enough so as to not worry about money to live from - anything after that really is a bonus. The attitude has partly come on because of the low liquidity and poor trading opportunities out there are the moment, but also from background work on myself. I basically made a decision to get out of the spiral of wanting more, more and more of something I in essence don't need. It feels great - less stressful for sure, meaning less core work just to minimise stress from really being at the peak of my game. As a result I am more and more sitting back and getting involved in the markets when it's optimum to do so - sometimes I get carried away, but I usually spot myself when I get too intense. It is great that I have a chunk of money saved, which allows me to take this approach, and be open to new ideas that come my way. Anyway, enough contemplation of my current situation. In November I managed £16,270.96 averaging £57.29 a race, and for the full days I worked averaging about £1200 a day. It's not bad considering the laid back approach - it definitely suits me as I've been getting this usual illness I get much less - which I put it down to just being able to let all tension out of my body in whatever situation I'm in, including trading. Tension comes from being very ready to click your mouse button as quick as possible to have a competitive edge over other people - but it's probably just a bad habit developed over the years (I think most people though would tense parts of there bodies if asked to reacts very quickly to something about to happen).

Regarding my overall target I'm clearly not going to reach £350k, I'm currently on about £282k, so my target is £300k. That's £18k in December, which I should be able to do, just as long as I put a good number of full days work in.


Bill Willmott said...

Hi Adam, I looking at Sports Trading as a possible solution to my redundancy.

I see you went on a course and wondered what the gap was between completing this and starting your blog.

Also how long was the training period until you were bringing in say £3k per month.

There is stacks of stuff out and wondered what approach you would recommned.

TheSage2009 said...

Enjoy reading your blogs Adam. Your results are very impressive.

Sports exchange trading is a direction I'm looking towards moving into in the new year. I'm currently a forex trader.

I started my own blog following my daily trades and life in general.

It'd be nice if you could add a link to it from your page for yourself or other people to follow if they wanted.