Friday, 20 November 2009

At Ease

I've been more accepting of the slowed down pace that the colder months have thrown up. I've learnt to trade slow and steady and be happy (as long as I reach over £1000 instead of the £2000 daily target!). I'd say I reached limitations with trading, and I can see now how the likes of Peter W. just accept trends in the market over periods of the year because they have seen it over more years than I have been around. I've only worked 9 days this month so far; buy doing all sorts of things. I am £25k short of the £300k target - I think the only thing that will prevent me from hitting it is the number of days I manage to sit down at my desk and trade. It's not because I'm not being disciplined - if racings on and I know I can trade, I will be there without doubt.

Anybody play Call of Cuty: Modern Warfare 2? I rarely play games, but this game is so much fun. My nickname is "fo_shizl" (PS3), I also play Fifa 10 if anybody wants a thrashing?

Sorry for the lack of posting - I normally like doing long posts, but I've covered a lot of trading aspects in past posts, but I'll do more, but shorter!


Jay Oliver said...

Well a profirs a profit tbh Adam!

As for Fifa, tut tut, pro evo is soo much better ;)
And Modern Warfare 2 is quality!


Rick Ford said...

Worked 9 days? What do you do for thes rest of the time?

leonthefixer said...

Spend one races winnings and get yourself a proper games console, an xbox 360, then I will give you a beating at COD!

Anonymous said...

Do you play those games on Xbox or PS3?

Anonymous said...

Hey mate aren't you answering comments anymore? Well if you're not I guess you wont answer this either lol, but I asked you a question yonks ago and have been waiting eagerly for your (wise!) reply for ages. Don't make me paste a sad face on here buddy!

afropunk said...

Hadn't touched my PS3 for months but I got this game last week and have been playing it ever since, it's pretty addictive :) Will add you at some point this weekend mate.

thomasz1 said...

yyyeaahhh,i bought 2games too, FIFA2010 and COD 5 ^^

but on xbox360,you should play on cuz the live is well better !
In any case,really bad idea if you want keep good eyes !

(sorry for my english :( )


Adam,could you make a more sustained effort to reply to people who have read your blog and commented on it.

Especially if they have asked you a specific question.

Alex said...

Hi Adam,
Nice to hear from you even if it is to offer people a thrashing on call of duty or Fifa !
I did post something on my site as I had noticed a few people had gone quiet or even that the blogs had vanished. It's always nice to read what people are doing, even if they are doing nothing.
Hope you get to your target soon, I am only about 275k behind you now !!! lol
Take it easy. (But not too easy)

Anonymous said...

Hi fo_shiz.

Cod mw2 (ps3)is a whole load of fun although I am completely useless compared to some who play. Being bombarded from the sky is the real killer.

Ps3 name DexterPrice (please remove this name before posting)

Nice trading by the way. Hope you scored well on Knockavilla race today. If only all races offered such opportunities.

Alex said...

Hi Adam, i've been following your blog and im starting to make little steps upon this big mounting that is trading sucssefully, and until now, i leaned many things that could lead me to the right path, but im still very green. But i look up to you as an inspiration, so keep blogging! Im strating to play Modern Warfare too lol, its awrsome! Greetings from Portugal!

Michael said...

Yeah bro, modern warfare 2 is amazing!!!! , i can't believe how real it is. To be honest i have been playing it quite abit lately, having a bad run on my trading and just can't seem to "get it"...i have read all your posts on your blog over and over and after 4 months of trading i should be up, but i am not and self doubt is creeping in big time, i am doubting whether i have what it takes to become like you...i don't play online so proberly won't see you on there,all the best mate and keep up the great work of 1000 pounds a day,that's awesome!, as you can see from my blog i would be happy with 250 a day, but just can't seem to crack it.

Ben Aitken said...

Hi Adam

Excellent blog you have here.

Trading was an angle I 'experimented' with at one point but it basically taught me that I was much better at backing and laying horses and that is what I should stick with!

I am still interested in trading as an angle and will be following your blog with interest from now on.

Would you be interested in swapping links? I have added your blog to the links section on my blog.

Best regards

Ben Aitken

Neil said...

hi adam, yeah i play call of duty, badly, look me up some time for a deathmatch Gamertag-: Nellie90

JT said...

Adam, you're great! You're my Idol :)

I don't have a PS3, I have a X360 instead :P

Hope you continue posting!