Thursday, 1 October 2009


A slow month for me, similar to August. I don't know how much different this time of year was to last but it certainly feels more restrictive in terms of amount of money I can make. This time last year though, I was still on a steep learning curve and was constantly improving. Now I feel, as I have for the last 6 months, that I have really slowed down learning, to the point where it feels learning has stopped (although learning is constantly going on subconsciously in order to adapt to slight changes in market conditions). I can feel myself tending towards a more conservative approach and fine tuning myself to subtle indicators much better than before, as the markets feel and appear to be thinning out the colder it gets.

Anyway, managed to fit in 11 full working days with the holiday to the US I took. It should have been 12, but one day I was very slow (actually I was hungover from the night before but I decided to trade anyway!) and I let a race go in-play and ended up losing £1,000.. so I cut the day short! I profited £16,172.03 which has been my lowest earning month this year. It's quite hard working on-and-off. I fare much better when I work Mon-Fri, with a bit of trading on a Saturday, and the same repeated the whole month without any random days off.

The service I've been running with Dave, Exchange Secrets, has really taken a positive move forward. Our advice has been very helpful to our members, and satisfaction is what we have been striving to achieve; it's been working. Our advice has been evolving and members have been very happy; many making the service fee up in one advised race. We offer the advice in the afternoons Mon-Sat. This accumulates to about 70 pieces information a month, or between 14 and 20 pieces a week. The information has not only been very helpful in helping our users to make profit, but to also educate them on scenarios, trading advice and to give our experienced views of the market from years of involvement. The information is designed to make you profit, but also give you a depth of understanding to the markets that you do not find explained anywhere else.
The advice has evolved so that we offer on average between 2 and 5 pieces of advice in a days racing, covering our view of the likeliest scenarios for the front 2, sometimes 3, runners in the race. The good thing about offering the likely scenarios if we see them, is that if our strongest opinion of the race goes wrong, you have a scenario to fall back on to in case you are not sure what could happen.

As well as advice, we've also got a live chat room for members; trading videos done by ourselves, offering a more technical analysis of trading on Dave's half, and a more intuitive analysis by myself for our members.

I'm looking forward to the cool Winter months ahead; it's not so bad being stuck inside - it's just a shame that the racing is practically cut in half if you include abandonments due to weather.


Anonymous said...

Surely if your service is coming on leaps and bounds your monthly pnl should be going up also and not being a slow month ?

Jeff Waters said...

Hi Adam

With Exchange Secrets, why not give 1 race per day free of charge?

That would allow people to decide whether it would be worth paying for all of the races.



Anonymous said...

Are the previous exchangesecrets forecasts available to view anywhere along with what actually happened to the odds?
I'm interested in joining but the only information I've found on the net so far has been negative comments on the quality of information received.

Anonymous said...

How long do you spend preparing before a days racing? Could you make anywhere near as much if you just rolled up 10 minutes before the first race? Thanks for your time, Jim

Rick Ford said...

Well Done on maintaining your profitable trading run. Although I've stopped blogging I am now making decent amounts of money and I've started paying the Premium Charge on a regular basis now.

As with any other business I want to pay the least amount of tax/premium charge as possible and I was wondering do you have any ways of doing this?

I thought I would start spending a small amount of time backing strong/short favourites with the bookmakers and laying them on Betfair (you can actually make extar money doing this arbing) but it should in time quickly reduce my profit with Betfair and reduce my premium charge.

Have you considered anything like this? At the end of the day it's all about Money Management.

All thoughts appreciated

Chris said...

Hi Adam,
You pre race traders work through a lot of markets per day + Great blog.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Adam. Out of interest, what percentage of your profits come from the different time spans before the race?


10-5 mins before
5-2 mins before
2 mins - the start?

Thanks, James

Anonymous said...

Do you tend to open trades in equal proportion (i.e. you back first 50% of the time and lay first 50% of the time) or do you tend to lay more? thanks

Anonymous said...

Amazing achievements adam, I'm not ashamed to say I am very jelous of you my son!

Can you tell who is putting the £ in betfair at times? Do you know the way that bookies that use the site daily operate and how to spot them?

x'botas said...

Very nice, don't you think it's time to replace your Mini with an Aston Martin? ;-)

smithyyy911 said...

Hello Adam,
enjoyed month on your forum
and found it useful.
Keep up the good work


.Igor said...

Hallo Adam

Is it possible for you to put google translator on your blog so that i can follow it on swedish?

Thanx and good luck!

Tony Christensen said...

Hej adam

Im sorry to see that you are to busy to update your blog anymore.
i must say that im a keen follower, and usually visit your site every day when im reading the news, just to see if you have made any new posts.dont know if you realize it, but to some of us, trading and making that kind of money is our biggest if would be so nice if you were to update your blog more often. as i see it you dont have find new subjects every time you update your blog. a few screenshots and a P&l and maybe a few lines of analizing of the screenshots" why it went wrong or why it went good" would be enough for me. Hope to see more updates soon. best regards

Anonymous said...

Hyperthetically, if I gave you a 1k bank. How much do you think you could turn it into by the end of the week? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam when you're making a swing trade do you scale out when getting out? I was also wondering, to get to this kind of level you must really have had to put in a lot of effort to learn the markets beforehand - how much time did you spend researching? cheers bud, Harry

Anonymous said...

Where you gone Adam? hows it going??

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

I'm a big fan of your blog and long may you continue making money!

Was just wondering, do you use a stop loss or have you become so tuned into the markets that you dont need one?


Anonymous said...

Are you doing this blog or not?
If not i will delete it.
I have to admit i do enjoy reading you massaging your ego constantly.
Just let us know where we stand!

Toby said...

Hi there Adam,

Would you be willing to add my blog to your blogroll? The address is (It's a betting blog). We frequently update horse profiles and information from stable visits. I've added your link to our blogroll.

Thanks for your time. Toby.