Thursday, 22 October 2009

A good break

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been a while, I've been on my last holiday of the year to St. Lucia where I had a very welcomed relaxing holiday. It's back to business now, to get as close as I can to my latest revised target. After the two weeks off, trading feels fresh again - which is good - as it was starting to get a bit repetitive.

My first day back was half of the racing yesterday where a few large chunky bets were going through; looked like gamblers' money which threw me off a couple of times. I was very rusty but determined to get back into shape. I didn't do too badly considering I went to bed at 8.30am when I got back from the airport with jet lag! Not much else to say at the moment, I will post when I've done a bit more trading.


beard said...

Have you had a demo or used the Swarm technology yet?

avalon said...

Welcome back!

mtaalamu said...

welcome back, adam! As far as the break goes, what's the point of earning all this money if you don't take time off to enjoy having it?

I look forward to your continued success.


Anonymous said...

St Lucia? What a tough life it must be being a master trader ;) Can I just ask quickly, before racing do you research pay much attention to the horses and the yards they are coming from, or is trading to you all about numbers and graphs on the screen. Thanks for your time

John said...

Hi Adam,

I always find a break refreshing also, sitting at a computer all day certainly can become repetitive to say the least!!

I've just started my own blog, although of a different variety, I am a horse racing person at heart. I'd appreciate the link if possible. I've added you to mine.