Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tough first day back

Trading after a lengthy break I'e found can be easy or demanding. It's easy to lose rhythm, and it definitely showed in my P&L. Lot's of ups and downs totalling to just over half an average day. My decision-making reactions were slow and it's hard to explain, but my bodily reactions were also slow - I think from all the crap I had been eating. I'm on a 'detox' diet; back to eating healthily; and it feels good. None of these sugar highs and lows with tired spots. Back to regular exercise and I'll be back in top mental shape. As with anything you do a healthy diet is important to help keep you alert, physically and mentally.

I lost in 9 out of the 22 markets, but made some good decisions in a few of the races to keep me well into profit. There were some big movements yesterday; I was expecting the volatility to be high, but not as high as it was. Kieron Fallon is definitely helping create some of this volatility on the horses he rides. Whenever I'm not expecting high volatility, I never stay in a swing trade long enough, but then it's pretty easy to see why. I seldom let greed take control. In fact I don't remember the last time I was frustrated because of any greed I've shown. I may try and up the 'greed' slightly to see if I can improve on my current swing trading performance.


Leigh said...

I know exactly how you feel Adam. I returned to trading after a 2 week holiday and had 4 losing days on the trot, a real bummer after i had just started to have success a few weeks before i left. Obviously i'm on a much much smaller scale then you lol... but its the same difference if you know what i mean?!? I'm just glad to see it's not just me it happens to, no offence lol :-0

samh052 said...

Hi Adam. I am reading your blog with great interest, well done on your remarkable achievements so far. I am a recent graduate who is looking to learn to trade on horse racing and was wondering if you had any good advice on how or where to go about starting this. Any recommendations of courses, reading material etc would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Sam.

Anonymous said...

how much do you stake for each trade i just started and i'm on 20 pound.

Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,
Welcome back.
Im interested in your diet as im a big believer in "Brain foods" to keep you feeling awake,alive and alert.
Any chance of a quick diet sheet of a typical few days when trading?
Many thanks

Skelf said...

Hi Adam, as I've only started trading in the last few months, would you say that's its better to focus on the price of just one horse in a race and build up experience rather than try to follow the prices of 3 horses which is possible with the ladder in BetAngel?