Tuesday, 1 September 2009


August was an okay month; I didn't work that many days, only about 10/11 full days, but I also had a fair bit of frustration being carried around. I seem to be finding that if I don't give a day's trading my all, I'm likely to just lose money from not being focused. Where as I used to be able to trade with as low as I'd say 60% concentration and still pull good days out of the bag. It's partly because I've been doing for 2 years, which isn't that long, but the repetitiveness can take it's toll. I'll counteract this by staying fit and going to the gym, and I think I'll now set myself a monthly goal as well as my usual daily goal. The daily goal is working for me because when I'm focused on a day I can usually hit it. If I want to hit my £350k target I need to average £27.5k a month in the remaining months. If I stay focused and take fewer days off; I'll be able to make it.

On the Friday I had a very bad day, worst ever in fact (excluding the time where I lost £1.8k when the internet went down round my brothers house!)- but a good reminder nonetheless that it's not always easy. I started with a huge loss which I do from time to time, but it usually just kicks me into gear and I just blitz the rest of the day. But this just didn't happen! I was having one of those days where my personal body response time was slow!, and my decision-making was equally as slow. I was predicting what would happen pretty well, but still made rookie mistakes putting in too much money in the market at the wrong times - awful! Anyway I look forward to a refreshing few months ahead as the weather cools and my office also stays cool. The bad weather generally doesn't make me feel guilty about being indoors, so my concentration definitely improves during the Wintery months.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, you say Friday was your worst day yet, did you actually lose money? what did you finish up on for that day?

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Anonymous, that Friday I didn't lose money. I just didn't make a good profit based on my standards - it was only a few hundred pounds.