Saturday, 15 August 2009

Exchange Secrets

The service I was talking about is now up and ready to go!

"A brand new site designed to help people trade profitably on the sports exchanges. Exchange Secrets is a service providing its members with professional views on horse racing markets on Betfair.

This site is for like minded people who want to profit on sports exchanges. If you want to gamble, want large instant profits, then you are in the wrong place. We will provide solid professional advice, the same methods we use to trade the exchanges day in day out. It will provide you with the opportunity to not only make profitable trades but to learn a bit more about the markets and how they behave.

Membership allows clients to receive our daily assessments of UK horse racing. This assessment allows our clients to trade on the exchanges with more confidence which ultimately allows them to succeed at trading the horse racing markets. Clients also enjoy a private members section and a forum for discussion about anything related to trading.

  • The service is perfect for inexperienced traders who have just started out. With the knowledge of knowing how to back and lay, the advice can help you climb the experience ladder and give you a clearer picture of how it's possible to make some decent profits through trading.
  • If you're looking to improve your trading, our advice can give you the trading insight you need to turn a profit in the horse racing markets.
  • If you're already fairly experienced, our triallists found that it solidified their view and gave them more confidence, leading to higher profits. Our view is that if you use our information correctly, you can more than easily make up for the monthly fee.
£55 a month is our initial starting fee, we were tempted to start off at £75 given the value of the information if it's used properly, so jump on board before we change the price!

We have left the site open to new ventures in the very high chance that we will expand the service into advice for our clients for trading other sports including football, tennis and golf, as well as other major sporting events. We've also got a forum for members to discuss trading and advice and for people to share their views on the day's markets.

Back to my challenge, trading has been okay recently, but I've had to really sit down and focus hard. Some days it's as easy as sitting down and clicking a few buttons, but that's rare. Most full-time traders will tell you of a day where everything went so smoothly, everything just drops into place. I think days like that are more down to luck than being in-the-zone though!


A. said...

Hi Adam!

Great idea! Trading is valuable knowledge and why not offer it to people that are willing to pay for it?

I wish you all the best luck and many satisfied customers :)

Jeff Waters said...

Hi Adam

I'm unclear on what exactly I would get for my £55.

Would you provide a breakdown of what likely to happen to the prices of a particular day's racing, ie which horses you think will steam and which will drift, or will you explain exactly how you decide when to enter and exit trades?



Adam Heathcote said...

Hi A., thanks!

Hi Jeff, there's an example in the About section and a couple of examples in the FAQ section of the website!
We won't explain exactly how to enter and exit trades - that would be impossible! We offer guides as to the direction and rough price movements; if we feel we can be specific in terms of prices, we will be.

Jeff Waters said...

Hi Adam

Thanks for your reply.

Do you use form analysis to find horses that are over- or under- priced, and work from the assumption that the market will eventually move to the correct price?



Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

I've signed up to Exchange Secrets and am looking forward to testing out the service. Can you tell me when the service will start? Will we receive advice from Monday (17th Aug)?

All the best!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know Betfair trading courses or trading tuition in London? Adam, maybe Dave Raybould does offer training? By the way who is he and what are his credentials?

I don't know what you guys have done but that site of yours is not indexed properly by Google, which makes that poll (how did you find us) a bit pointless, really. It is good that many people read Adam's blog...

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

This could be the final piece of the pie that I'm looking for. Have had success recently but my stakes are peanuts compared to yours. I just need to gain the confidence to ramp trading up to provide a return that I could live on. I'm not a greedy man! I'd be happy turning £500 to £600 a week.

In the forum on your new site can we ask detailed questions on trading? On a lot of forums if you ask questions that address the nitty gritty they usually get ignored. It's usually these golden nuggets that could be the difference between going red or greening up!


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

Any plans for say a 7 day free trial on exchangesecrets?


chappers said...

Hi Adam,

I've been following your blog for a little while as I get to grips with learning to trade. It's not easy and takes times as we all know.

I like the idea of this website and have enjoyed looking at it: I think it a great idea and the examples look good.

However, reading about your pricing decision, my initial reaction is that it is quite alot of money for what you get. If the information is helpful, and I did like the examples you gave, then I think that it is a fair price. But for beginners, who you obviously hope to attract, I think it is quite steep. BetAngel users already have to subscribe to that service and if we use your service as well then our monthly outlays are close to 90GBP/month. That seems alot when using 2GBP stakes and trying to minimize losses.

Consequently I think that you should offer a highly discounted trial offer for one month, just like BenAngel itself does. If the information is of quality and useful then I am sure people will continue to subscribe.

Just my 2 cents.

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

How's about posting up your days recommendations at the close of play (with a few comments) - to give us an idea of how things went.

Great blog!


Jack Birkhead said...

Nice website Adam and very interesting idea mate. I'm sure the demand for your advice would be very high!

Might be interested myself, I'll have a think good luck with it :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam, but for this £55 per month how many races roughly a day will it be, as it sounded like when reading website it would be just a couple, but yet when you show your P&L you trade on loads of races in a day?

Also is there any learning from this £55 per month, as I would jump at the chance if it was of course you teaching, however just for you to give tips on a few races a day aint appealing, like say you suddenly stopped doing it, the members have gained no insight or knowledge to trading. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

Just put a live video feed of your screen with audio and think-out-loud during your normal day. I'm sure people would pay for that!

Also posting up all the old 'tips' or whatever they're called for the previous day for everyone to view will allow people to see what they'd be getting and how accurate/useful it is was. This is a two-way street but you could always be selective.

Alan said...

Looks promising but how about a weekend only subscription for those of us who still work fulltime while learning to trade?

Adam Heathcote said...

Thanks A. I hope it goes well.

We (Exchange Secrets) offer guidance to between 2-5 races on average in an afternoon's racing as to our view on what will happen to prices. We have cut down the number of races we analyse, so we are now hitting above 70% accuracy - this would be more profitable for members rather and explains things in more detail rather than analysing every single race. Which can give many people confidence in learning and committing to trading. We explain possible scenarios and what is most likely going to happen in a particular race we analyse.

Dave will sometimes use form analysis to back up predictions, where as I will solely go by technical analysis and trading intuition.

Hi Anonymous1, Bet Angel offer training course just outside London.

Hi Giveitago, you can ask any questions you like in the forum, Dave or I, or even other members will contribute to your questions.

Hi Anonymous2, no plans for 7 day free trials yet, we may do though in the future.

Hi chappers, I definitely agree with you; new traders it would be quite expensive - but it would definitely be an awesome learning process for them and would boost their confidence for using larger stakes. We couldn't charge less otherwise it would make sense financially considering the time spent. If we get a huge number of members we will definitely consider dropping the price.

I will post a few days of advice up as a link on the blog soon so everyone can see how we've evolved the advice.

bigdavestar said...

If the information you're providing is the same as the trades you're making then it's certainly worth £55, perhaps even more! I would be inclined to sign-up but do you offer any guidance on using the software? Or step by step on how to trade a market?