Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Back in action

I've just come back from a long weekend in Mallorca; I nearly couldn't go with the bombings out there and the closing of the airport. Thankfully it reopened and the flight left on-time! I've been fairly rusty today - it's also been a shock coming back to rain from the consistent sunshine of Mallorca. I can't believe that Chepstow got abandoned from the rain - it's supposed to be August! Anyhow it's hard to keep focused when you don't know if meetings are going to be abandoned or not because of the likelihood of trading on a race and not knowing whether it will run. Catterick also got delayed, and whenever there is a delay, the liquidity drops because the timing of traders and punters etc. all gets messed up. I also don't think it helps when traders like me put a negative on delayed racing because traders contribute the majority of liquidity. Anyhow, I managed to make £700 from 10 races, a poor start for my first day of trading August; mostly not down to my fault though!

July for me was painful looking back! It just felt slow and a bit of a drag to be honest. I made £25,260.02, which actually is a bit more than it felt like. I traded 317 markets averaging £79.86 per race. The average per race is definitely lower than the last few months because when I was ill I gave trading a go for a couple of the days without making any money, which was pointless; it would have been better to have just rested! Also, I traded a few of the evening races, and as the liquidity is lower, it's harder to pull consistently bigger results out of the bag. Hopefully this month I can hit over 30k.


A. said...

Hi Adam, great to hear that you are feeling better!

Do you think it is possible to trade without the live pictures and comments? When did you start to use TV?



westie said...

Still some awesome results, nice work!
I have recently started trading and today on my 8th day I have finally made a profit, using £2 stakes accross 6 races I managed to make 31p, hopefully I can continue this trend and blogs such as this keep me motivated to do so.

Any plans to make a video of you trading?

Anonymous said...

Nice results Adam, have you ever tried your hand at the stock market. I tend to do better on the stock market cause with horses I feel quite rushed when trading. I trade on IGIndex. Would be an interesting test to see how you got on. Goodluck with the challenge.

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi A, yes of course it's possible to trade without live pictures - you will just miss a small chunk of trading time and potential missed opportunities from not seeing a horse play-up. I used TV from the start.

Hi westie, there are plenty of videos already out there documenting how people make money - I don't feel the need to do one!

I haven't tried my hand at the stock market, I think because of my ability to make money on horse racing, I'd only ever take on learning trading the stock market if someone taught me instead of trying to learn it all by myself.

Allan said...

Hi Adam, I'm a keen follower of your blog. You and your followers might be interested in mine which I started today.



Anonymous said...

I must admit you are the best in-play layer I have ever met. Probaly better than Mr Wong. All the best.

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Allan, great blog - I'll put your link up on my site.

Hi Scott, I'm not an in-play trader! I posted a small explanation in the comments of 'Ever get that feeling?' which would go well here.

bigdavestar said...

Hats off to you son, I would love to be able to make as much money as you through trading and hopefully one day I can! What software do you use? What bank did you start with? I would certainly like to give it a go...