Thursday, 20 August 2009

Back to blogging

I'm back to writing about my daily ups and down of the life of trading on Betfair. I've been fairly inactive in the markets at the moment; there's something really intriguing going on at the moment because I'm again not feeling very well. It's not a common cold or anything, it's the same thing I get all the time, which just seems to be a temperature and achy - anyway I'll figure it out sooner or later. Normally I just trade through it, even if the results aren't very good. This time I have decided to just rest and see whether it helps me recover more quickly, annoying thing is, even when I plan on doing nothing - things always need to be done! August is going to be a poor month based on records - but not for average per day, which out of 7 days traded is not bad. I'll be able to fit in another 5 hopefully before the end of the month is up.

It's great the football season is back up and running. I really enjoy playing the fantasy football (I play the official free one; the budweiser one here. I've just used my wildcard and think I've got a quality team! Last two years was easy as long as you had Ronaldo - so tougher this year.

Over today I'm going over many comments and emails, I have plenty to get through - apologies it's taken a while. I let them build up and all of a sudden there's loads! My internet is down today so I'm on the small laptop with backup mobile broadband.


jace said...

Hello mate,

Temperature and achy is likely to be easily solved through nutrition...what's your current diet like? You take aby vitamins, oils? Give me an email if you'd like a little advice? I'm no nutritionist, but I know more than the average person by a long shot, so may be able to help....

Be well


Walshy said...

Hi Adam,

Why dont you set up a league on the fantasy football for those of us that follow your blog, I also have a team in that league and im sure there are probably a few others. Just a thought. Really enjoy the blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

You've done very well indeed from Horses but, based on your Betfair statement, not so well on the other sports. Why do you think this is? and is it something you are working on?

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam - the verification report provided by Christopher Thomas at Betfair is interesting. If you notched up 147m pounds volume in horse racing, and traded an average of about 2500 races from Jan thru July, what's your average traded volume per market? I was trying to work it out and it looked like 58,000 per market, but my sums must be wrong??!! Could you please clarify as this helps with the proverbial stakes question we always ask. Anyone else know how to work this out? Much thanks and continued successes. Frank

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Jace, thanks, will be in contact!

Hi Walshy, cheers, I'll see about setting one up and I'll post it up!

Hi Anonymous1, that's because horse race trading is much more about intuition, speed and quick decision making that the others I can't put into practice as well. Also haven't spent the time on other sports like I have horse racing.

Hi Frank, 58,000 sounds quite heavy! That'll definitely be bumped up by larger stakes at the bigger meetings.