Wednesday, 15 July 2009


One thing I do to make myself stay focused is to keep a tidy office. If the room's tidy, my thoughts are going to be much clearer and concise than if I was trading in a messy room. Clutter just seems to have this amazing ability to clutter my mind. I still forget to tidy it occasionally and not very surprisingly those are the days I am not very focused and trading at the lows of my ability.

I had a good week trading last week pulling in a respectable £8,000 before the premium charge. This week I've been fairly off the beat; busy with other ideas and extra curricular activities such as Argentine Tango which I've taken a liking to recently. Hopefully planning to go to the Nürburgring Nordschleife again soon for a two day track run which is exhilaratingly fun. A chance also to see some fine cars and practice my photography on cars zooming around the track.


Shaun said...

Its a good point Adam, I know I am the same, particularly the desk area, I try and keep this as clutter free as possible. I think it makes you feel more organised and professional. Shaun.

Donatello said...

Hi Adam, this is maybe not a great query but I want to know how you got your "percentage towards your 350k thingy" on your blog, Ive just started a blog myself, mainly to help with my discipline but now im hooked on all the workings of the blog and find it addictive( even tho no one is looking at it). Love your Blog and your style of making doh, keep up the good work.

Tony said...

hear you adam, ive got a simple way off always having a clutter free office. when i trade i need a pc and a chair, i try not to have anything else in my office, and nothing else on my pc then betangel. This way it is not possible to make a messy office.

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Donie, I use excel to create it from the daily P&Ls.

Hi Tony - the having nothing else open on your PC other than Bet Angel is definitely an idea I'd agree with!