Sunday, 19 July 2009

Providing a service

This last week has been painfully slow for me! The trading has been fairly abismal in my opinion, but mostly boosted by my personal frustration with being busy and there being other high profile events on so last week saw me achieve about £2k. Over only 46 races this should have been much better!

I am raring to go and my lack of work over the last week will ensure I stay focused throughout my next week of trading!

Since I started my blog I've had numerous emails from people who are in one of the following categories regarding their skills as a trader;

1) You are totally new to trading and who would like guidance with their trading.
2) Has had some experience, but can't pin down consistent profits.
3) Has had plenty of experience but needs that extra bit to make trading pay.

One of the biggest attributes required to trade successfully is confidence. Knowing this, it opens doors to providing a service to people which can help them with their trading to become more confident, and in turn, profitable. Anyway, keep an eye out for news very soon!


Anonymous said...

Greetings Adam. I use Fairbot and it does not see open bets if there was an unexpected reboot or power crash. I have to close all positions on Betfair site manually after reboot. Can the program that you use see and operate with such bets? Sorry my english.

playslip said...

Hi adam,hope all is well. i might be wrong but i think the news is your going to do a course or release a book/manual,if you do can you try and make the price affordable for both sets of trader novice and pro, keep up the blog all the best.

R.Bevan said...

Hello Adam,
I'm really interested in becoming a trader.I have no knowledge of racing but would like to learn.
If you can help just drop me a line.
Thanks for reading

Anonymous said...

if that means that you are thinking of starting your own courses....i cant wait

u reckon u can giv us a time frame on how soon this will happen!

look forward to it....


Anonymous said...

Err, how does 'confidence' help exactly. What rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam if your thinking of providing a service such as a trading course, i will be up for that obviously at a cost.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, I have a question for you.
Tell me, does luck\intuition play any role in your trading? Is there any percentage rate these two are involved in your decision making? Or is it 100% pure technical and fundamental analysis of the charts and horse parameters?
Why I ask, is because I follow charts and stuff, but I can`t seem to find a trend that is going my way.
Thanks Bro.

jonny said...

I think the numpty anonymous needs to type in trading and confidence in google and see what comes back before making stupid comments on a great blog

Anonymous said...

Who was it that said "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach."?

Anonymous said...

Err, how does 'confidence' help exactly. What rubbish

I'm sorry but you are talking rubbish. To trade successfully you need confidence i.e. confidence in your ability to read the market. If you lack this confidence then you will hesitate when placing an order and the opportunity will be missed. This can lead to haphazard trading and the lack of confidence inevitably leads to the wrong mindset and errors and/or quitting.

If you are confident then you will click the mouse, place the order at the correct time and profit from the process. The mind is very powerful but only when confidence prevails. If there is any indecision then your edge is gone!

You may have misunderstood the context in which confidence was written but from your dismissive crass comment I would guess not and you are not a trader of any repute; unlike the author of this blog

BelTrader said...

Hi, Adam!

I`m a small trader from Madrid (Spain). I only want you to know that if you finally do a course I will take the 1st plane to you.

Thanks for your blog and congatulations!!

Anonymous said...

Confidence is king!

If Adam is producing a guide/course or even a 'day in the life of' video so we can see the techniques he uses. I'm sure we'd all be interested!


Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Anonymous, I'm pretty sure Bet Angel does show open bets if there was an unexpected crash.

Hi playslip, it's neither.

Hi Nash, within the next week it should be available for everyone.

Hi Anonymous5, it's hard to say. Intuition is important, but my intuition is ultimately based off subconscious technical analysis and market reading etc. It feels like 70% intuition and the rest technical. Try not to follow charts too religiously.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam
Iv'e been reading your blog for a while now. I would to say that after attending Peter's course i would also be interested on what service you might be offering. So If you could email me when your ready.