Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The heat is on

Well this past week has been very busy for me. I took Thursday and Friday off in preparation for a house party I had, which ended with great success! The best party I have ever hosted.

I'm sure many of you, as well as myself, have been struggling with this heat. It's been so hot I was getting very agitated this morning trying to think of a solution. If you read a couple of posts earlier back, you'll know I was struggling with the heat. It really affects my decision-making and everything else that's needed to trade - mostly mental strength. It drains me and I've realised more than ever how important it is for me to work in a cool environment. I got to the point this morning that I was taking someone's advice on here and phoning around to see what office space with air conditioning was available within walking distance of me for the summer. There are two floors at the bottom of my block of office space that hasn't been in use for months and months, so I gave that a go, but they weren't interested, as it would only be for a couple of months. I have a portable air conditioning unit, but it's so loud I actually lost concentration the other day and lost several hundred in one race as a result of not being in a comfortable environment. Anyhow, I remembered I had a pair of Shure in-ear headphones - I put them in, and they instantly dramatically reduced the noise; with my music or the TV makes in completely bearable. I also repositioned the air con unit so that the air more specifically cooled the area I was in rather than the other side of the room. This is as well as the 76% heat reflecting film I have cover the whole of the window! So now I've got the heat sorted - I can focus my efforts back to pulling out some good results out of the bag which I have been really lacking of this month - which I think was down to the heat. It all links in with having a clear head whilst trading - which is so important if you want success in trading to come your way.

In the next couple of posts I will make sure I get that Exit Points post done soon. I'll do it after tomorrow's update of how June went for me, and my general overview of the markets. I'll try and strike a good balance between helpful information for to improve your trading, and information that isn't so useful; but may serve as a motivational source.


DesrAw said...

Sweet icy thingy :)
The heat is killing me aswell. Going to Vegas next week. Expecting 40+ degrees :-S

avalon said...

Hi Adam (if I may),
I started to follow your blog a few weeks ago and let me congratulate you for your work!
Have you ever posted a short video
of your tradings? It would be very interesting.

Have a good day!


Jeff Waters said...

Hi Adam

This might sound an obvious solution to the heat problem, but I find that closed curtains, an open window and a desk fan works fine for me.


Peter Webb said...

I'm well prepared from previous years, but have pretty much started taking the early part of the week off to enjoy the sun. I feel much more relaxed for doing so! Weather like this generally doesn't last that long in the UK.

John G said...

I commute in London and the Tubes are a good 10-15 degrees hotter than outside temperatures! Coupled with the fact that although many people have heard of deoderant - surprisingly few seem to use it!

Good news, there is rain forecast for the next few days which should freshen things up considerably.

Of course one of the benefits about working from home is the dress code, am I right?

Fantismo said...

I have no idea how you follow and can predict rise and falls in the odds of the horses. would you be able to do it on an old fashioned computer or is it dependant on the latest software. I would also apprecaite your view o exchange shops (like the "ELITE" in highgate north london. they charge about £40 a day to use their trading rooms (exclusively on betfair) would that give ma na advantage compared to my dell at home? could you explain how they work? Many thanks. |Will

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Will, they are predominantly for in-play traders looking for the edge in terms of quick live feeds and fast internet. I've only ever been to one once, and that was the Canary Wharf one, I liked it there, was friendly and the environment was great.