Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Blag a million

Slightly off topic, but it's a challenge, similar to mine! - blag a million at www.blagamillion.com are these 2 guys, one of which is my friend, who are attempting to blag a million pounds in 3 months by doing everything and anything they can think of! It's going to be crazy. They are filming the whole thing; you can keep track of their progress by visiting their website once it's fully up and running starting on the 21st June. There's a big chance that it will take off and become big news within the 3 months so keep your eye out and join in wherever possible.

I will be taking part. I am offering/donating a day's trading towards their total! Hopefully just over a grand, or whatever total I can pull in on the day they film me will be a good start.

Hopefully I just don't have a losing day! You can join the facebook group here.


Anonymous said...

What are they planning on doing with the Million?

Giving it to charity or keeping it themselves?

Jeff Waters said...

Hi Adam

Why not suggest to your friends that they set up a Facebook group? That would be a good way of spreading the word.


Adam Heathcote said...

They are planning on reinvesting it into video productions.