Friday, 19 June 2009

Ascot (continued)

For the second day of Ascot I had similar success to the first day - although I took a big loss on the last race. I was in position and some punter who clearly wanted to back the favourite went against me, and lost me money!; sounds like Alan Sugar. Anyway the day was a result to be pleased with. Yesterday I struggled, I just wasn't 'up' for the days trading and I wasn't awake in my head. I played squash late in the evening and it showed - I just couldn't keep track of the scoreline, and every shot I kept playing was rubbish! I managed to finish up £1200, which by my standards was pretty poor; especially considering the higher liquidity at Ascot.
Normally what I've been doing lately is if I finished under £1000 for the afternoon trading session, and I haven't any plans for the evening, I'll trade the evening races to make it feel like I've put in a good effort for the day.

I'm really considering taking one day off in the week to pursue whatever I feel like doing. It should open up my career path, because at the moment my trading on Betfair feels like something I do just to make money, not something that I can be really enthused about. I'm thinking about starting a personal development blog/website initially for myself, but to share what I've learnt with others. I'll be sure to post up the link for anyone that might be interested in it - I think I'll start it next week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

Sounds like you are becoming a bit tired of trading at the moment.

I'd say that you should make sure you take a day off during the week. What's the use of earning all that money if you don't enjoy it? You'll hopefully find that one or two complete days away re-energizes you.

Maybe take a week or two away from the horses? What a time to start Tennis trading :)

Or have you thought about other markets, for instance forex or other financials? It would be interesting to see if you could apply what you've learnt to those areas.

I'd be interested in your new blog, and finding out what direction you are heading into next.


Anonymous said...

If i became a successful trader i know i couldnt do it for to long as it can become very iscolating. It would deff just become a nice 2nd income.

If you ever decide to pack it in feel free to post a few example trades up to help us useless traders out a lil.

Although i still believe even with one on one tution many still will not make it. You can give someone a recipe but it wont make them Jamie Oliver!

Anonymous said...

hi adam i would buy a dot com domain 10 each per 10 per year and then add you wont generate as much as your trading but maybe a couple of hundred dollars a month. these blogs just make google richer phil

Anonymous said...

Hi adam,

I've been following your blog for awhile now. And I very much appreciate everything you have put up here. I've been starting doing some pre-race trading myself. And one thing I really dont get is, say a particular horse's odd was 15 at 10 hours before the race start, and it dropped to 5 at say an hour before the race. What is the reason behind this? and how do you spot opportunities like this?


Anonymous said...

I am interested in the site you have planned, update when it's ready.

I want to ask you one question about your trading Adam, hope its ok for you to answer. You see before you started your £250,000 challenge, what was your initial starting balance?, and have you solely continued from this starting balance all the way through. Thanks

afropunk said...

Hey Adam just wanted to say congrats on the totals so far throughout the challenge. I can see one clear trend here, and that is the more profitable I become the more I respect your daily p&ls!

Definitely a good idea to persue genuine interests. The personal development blog/website sounds like a really positive idea. Will certainly have a look when you are ready to post it.

I'm sure you will find what you are looking for if you keep approaching it in such an positive an open manner.

Best of luck with it all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,
Congrats on the successful career in trading. Just one question, when you first started trading did you use the one-click for scalping or have you alwats used the ladder interface?

Thanks and good luck on the challenge.

Grubber said...

IIt is good to go into other areas Adam.

Trading all day, can be a bit of a drag, and like you say it is good to have fingers in many pies just incase the trading world changes.


Anonymous said...

Great idea about the personal development site. Is it fair to say that your incredible success on BF probably has more to do with the work you've put in on the personal development side and your attitude, rather than having any big secrets about the markets?

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could post up a screenshot of your trading screen, I am interested in what tools you use etc?


Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Matt, it's an idea. But then I think, well it's only 4 hours a day? I just need to manage my time better! I have thought about Forex trading, but never properly had a look.

Hi Anonymous2, I presume because of difference of opinion between a handful of people who are interested in that horse. There could be many reasons - I just don't focus on trading on a horse above odds of 10.

Hi Anonymous3, the maximum amount of money I trade with on a normal day will seldom exceed £15k. So around there.

Cheers afropunk.

Hi Anonymous4, I have always used the ladder interface.

Hi Anonymous5, possibly! I would be naive to make any firm judgment as to why!

Hi Anonymous6, I just use Bet Angel on a normal enhanced ladder.