Wednesday, 17 June 2009

1st day of Ascot

Royal Ascot has started and I was very much looking forward to it. The big meetings bring higher liquidity, which, if you can learn to master those kinds of markets, can be worthwhile for your wallet! I did have a good day today. But they just didn't feel as good as Cheltenham was earlier in the year. Well, it was only the first day with 4 more to go! I've attached my P&L, what's funny about it is the start I had compared to the rest of the day. I've found that I can usually have a good day if my first result was a loss because it bumps me into action to say, 'come on Adam, get in the zone'.

I pulled a nice result out of the bag in the 15:45, mostly down to there being a drift on the horse in the final couple of minutes. Thankfully it stayed slightly cloudy yesterday so my room wouldn't heat up past my level of comfort. The forecast is cloudy over the next few days too, which I am very thankful for over the festival. I had my air conditioning unit on a couple of days ago. I started off with it in the room adjacent to my office, hoping it would cool that room enough so as to suck the heat out of this one!.. That didn't work so I put it in my office, a small 1.9m x 3.3m room. The noise was very loud. I don't think many people would be able to cope trading with what I had going on at one point - the air con, my music and the TV commentary; all within a metre of me! Pretty funny stuff.


Anonymous said...


Leigh said...

Brilliant as ever Adam. It was my first day attempting a big meeting....3 words WTF lol. Scalping was a pretty comfortable affair but trying to swing was tuff. If i may ask (you dont have to say) but to get those kind of figures what kind of tick sizes/ stake size do you use?


pt9091 said...

great result adam for day 1! I even managed to make money on all the ascot meetings yesterday and I caught the same drift! still inly using £2 stakes just now though until Im ultra confident to stick my bank in! are you going to be putting up the exit points help guide anytime soon or have you thought against it?


Anonymous said...

As you just go from strength 2 strength i seem 2 be going in the other direction.

Each time it seems to be hit and miss for me and i found even scalping hard during ascot as the price would move slightly away from where i wanted it to go and never really return.

It seems to me apart from the odd successful trade i find the market doing exactly the opposite to what i want.

I dont know what you do Adam but im guessing its the total opposite to me.

well done again.

Average Guy said...

Superbly written and very interesting. What was your employment background before this ?
What do you consider to be the most important attributes for a trader, both intellectually and mentally ?

I know nothing about trading and am becoming quite interested as a matter of necessity as job looking very insecure. I'm currently running a small (compared to you) laying blog here on Blogspot with minor success.

ps Just wondering how you get screenshots of sufficient definition to post on the site. Mine Are Crap.

Anonymous said...

Nice results Adam, I made in the whole day's trading what you made in one race lol just over £400, so overall not a bad day, not my best either but least it wasnt a loss.

Anonymous said...

Hay Adam, still doing your thing eh? I`m amazed.
Listen, I have a silly question for you.
You beeing a full time trader and knowing this kichen pretty well tell me, is it in some way possible to make like 100 000 quid(after premium charges) per month from betfair (note I did not just said horse trading, but betfair)

Anonymous said...

hi adam

great results,you should write a book imho i think you did slight error with your pie chart i think you're around 190k i could be wrong just double check 163 plus 32k plus 3k it doesn't matter but just to see period of time you gonna take to reach the target
all the best

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling his exit point may be when the green hedge figure is at least 3 digits.......

Probably more interesting would be when not to exit.

Great work Adam. I guess the challenge now is to make 10k over the mourse of the meeting.


Alfaman said...


I have just discovered this site and needless to say I am hugely impressed with your results. For sometime now I have been trying to achieve much more modest targets by developing a triggered betting BOT to do it for me - less returns but no interruption to the day job. Have you any advice as to perhaps one strategy that could be automated reliably? I am currrntly using a trigger based on identifying a persistent trend backed up by WOM and market volume/share, using a trailing limit and stop loss. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I have just discovered your blogg and needless to say I am hhugely impressed with your results. For some time now I have been looking for much more modest targets using a triggerd betting BOT with mixed results. Aim: lower returns but no sitting glued to the screen day after day. Perhaps you could suggest one strategy that may be appropriate to this? I am currently using a trigger to idenify a persistant trend backed up by WOM, volume and market share indicators. Ian

Chris said...

Hi Adam,

could you make any video?

Thank in advance.

Isabella said...

Hi Adam

Would you mind letting me know; do you work to a ticksize or do you just choose a liability that your bank and the market can support?

I stick rigidly to a ticksize as a percentage of bank so my stake reduces proportionately as the odds of a runner increase and I am thinking about experimenting with increasing my stake and therefore liability when there is lots of money available on higher odds runners (though still favourites like you get in handicaps rather than maiden stakes etc)



Rick Ford said...

Well Done Adam. £3K is an amazing figure for a few hours work! I made a comfortable £350 for the 1st day and just over £200 on Day 2 and Day 3 I probably traded a few more races than you.

Thanks for posting the entry points it has helped me read the markets more.

Will you be going to Global Gathering? PVD and AVB are head lining the trance stage!

Keep it up mate.

ronaldo_32 said...

Hi Adam,

Great results!!!
Have you made any videos???


Anonymous said...

I was wondering how you can win so much per race but only lose £5.79 on first race? I presume to win such money in horse movement requires large stakes, but to only lose £5.79 on a horse when trade went wrong, even if it is just one tick loss dont really make sense, unless I am missing something and you can explain.

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Paul, bit late, but the exit points post is coming up next.

Hi Average Guy, my last job before his was gardening for my Dad, and the job before that was part-time pizza delivery boy!

Hi Anonymous1, I think it is possbile. But not solely on horse racing. You'd have to be involved in every sport and be good at it.

Hi Ian, I am not the man for automation - I do everything manually.

Hi Isabella, why stick to a tick size? It's too regimented. Play with the stakes that fit your style and liquidity of the market.

Hi Rick, not sure if I'm going yet. It looks awesome though!