Friday, 8 May 2009

Trading when you're ill not a good idea. When the Chester meeting started on Wednesday I was feeling fine and I had a cracking day of ~£2,600. In the evening I started to get ill - I suppose I felt it coming on earlier in the day. To top it off, on Wednesday my computer decided to fail on me. One of my hard drives decided to fail with bad sectors on my Raid 0 configuration so I was forced to trade on my laptop which I'm not used to, so for the last few days I've been without my PC. When your trading, I personally feel I need all the energy in my body to focus on my trades. Mostly because if a trade doesn't go my way I need my body's energy to keep myself calm and focused for the next trade. So anyway, last two days have seen me make just under £1000. Which have been my worst two days for a while. I'm gutted about the timing because there has been plenty of money in the markets. So anyway a stressful couple of days, I'm probably going to take a couple days off next week.


Anonymous said...

Hi adam, still sound like your doing well, have you not been caught out by the big punter/bookie who keeps backing like 30k on loads of races, caught me a couple of times. big 10 tic losses.

Also I was just wondering, did you or do you ever go through a tough period where you find your not on form or your not reading the markets as normal? maybe even have a few losing days in a row? Because you seem to be immune to it!

Anonymous said...

very good comment Anonymous
some times the market is losing
10 ticks against you in a second
and thre is no way out unless he
is using stop loss

on the other hand using stop loss
regualry is also causing loos many times for no need

Anonymous said...

Can you please learn the difference between 'your' and 'you're'. Sorry, it really annoys me because I'm pedantic and have nothing better to do.

Great read though! Keep up the good work.

Francis Leavey said...

Get well soon Adam!


Stephen Burns said...

Adam I enjoy readin your blog, keep up the good work. The only other one I read is Peter Webbs. He hasn't updated it since April 30th tho. I wonder is the man ok...

Stephen Burns ,

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem Saturday night Ripon 20:30 stripped me of the days profit and turned the day into a loss. The ladder cleared straight of the bottom of the screen leaving me gazing at a few large red figures and wondering what had happened. I dont know how you can protect yourself from such a situation a stop loss would never have been fast enough to have caught it - Phil

Anonymous said...

hello adam, would you say you are a reactive trader, trading in reaction to a move or shift in price with support - or do you place speculative trades with large enough stakes to influence a shift or move? I often see 4k and 4100 trades places at opportune moments, is that you? Thanks you lucky devil, best rgds, Simon

barry said...

Hi adam

This is a great read.

A couple of question's do you always back first then lay after.
Also how much do you bet with and do you trade for the same amount.

once you have done that do you hedge the bet or let the horse run and hope it wins

Anonymous said...

You only made a bit less than 1k in two days? My heart bleeds for you.

May I be bold enough to suggest you gain some perspective sir?

Anonymous said...

It seems young mr heathcote is receiving some negative comments from those who cant make it work.

The old do ok in the u.s. and be praised, do it in th u.k. and everyone wants to see you crash and burn.

in my opinion, adam is a young educated lad who has a very good balance in life with the trading,fitness,study etc and i wish him all the best.

Dont be bitter if its not working for you but is for someone else.

Good Luck and all the best adam. keep ticking the "To Do" boxes every day and i,m sure you,ll see of the doubters young man.

Bob Q.

Anonymous said...


What racing channels do you use for trading ?

Thanks Roy.

Burnsie said...

Adam, Peter is fine, I found the new page... I must say you are a tonic to everybody that trades, and a serious inspiration!!. The mind set must be right in my opinion for a good days trading. Stephen

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Anonymous1, I was caught out a few times by that big gambler, yes!.. I do go through periods where I just have limited confidence and I just can't seem to read the markets anywhere as good as I usually can. I'm going through a rough patch like that now! But thankfully still making money.

Hi Anonymous3, thanks for spotting out my use of 'your' too much. I must have been doing that for years. Cheers!

Thanks Francis, I'm feeling better now :)

Hi Stephen, he has updated it, I think you just have the wrong link, try

Hi Simon, I'm definitely quite a reactive trader, acting on my instincts more than anything. I've been asked this before about sums appearing outside the money, it's definitely not me as it's just too risky if it gets matched and is just not my style.

Hi Barry, I don't always back first, I in fact probably end up laying first more often than backing. But overall, it's fairly even. I trade with varied amounts depending on the liquidity of the markets; and yes, I always hedge!

Hi Anonymous4, yeah I apologise for coming across like that, it's just the realm I'm living and working in.

Hi Bob Q, thanks a lot, much appreciated!

Hi Roy, At The Races and Racing UK.