Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Your seat

I thought I'd discuss a bit about what I sit on whilst trading. I used to sit on a normal office chair, but I never sit on these chairs properly. I will kneel on them with an arched back - no good for posture or future care for your back! So about 6 months into my trading I thought I'd invest in what's called a 'Kneeling' chair. I started off with this one:

It's a simple kneeling chair, where you literally are shaped like your kneeling, with your knees resting on the two pads you see. The only downside to this was that there is no support for your back, and I frequently found myself finding inventive ways of perching myself on this chair whilst I trade. About a year into my trading, once I'd made a bit more money, I decided to invest in the same chair but this time with a back. These specific ones are ridiculously expensive, but me being me bought one. They have a great selection of well designed chairs such as these at www.backinaction.co.uk. So anyway here is the one I use with a backrest:

The backrest has definitely encouraged sitting the way your supposed to on the chair, and also helped you sit the way your supposed to for much longer. The only thing is that I'm so used to sitting unorthodoxly, I find myself sitting in these weird and wonderful positions whilst I trade. Most of the time I let myself sit that way because if I start sitting in positions I don't feel comfortable in, I find it hard to get in-the-zone while I trade - and without me being in that zone, I am throwing a big percentage of my profits away. Anyway I suppose I am writing this with the intention of making a concerted effort to progressively change the way I sit for long periods of time!


leonthefixer said...

I am after a new chair myself for the exact reasons you mention. My £50 chair just isn't good enough for the hours I spend in it.

My back aches at the end of the day and I already have a bad back (not from trading) and I am only 26 :(

I have started to invest in various things to make my trading life much easier and reduce the strain on my body and a new chair is top of the list.

Not sure I can afford to spend £800+ on a chair though!

Any recommendations for us lesser traders would be most appreciated!

JJ said...

Good post. I have had a desk job since leaving school, laterly bf full time. My back is knackered and causes lots of pain all down to not sitting properly and in standard office chairs for so many years. I would say a good chair is more important than a fast pc, you only get one spine. I did buy a decent chair when the osteopath told me that was the cause of my back problems and it made a big difference. Also using a gym ball as a seat is very beneficial as it encourages movement which gets blood to the disks.

Annabelle said...

Have you ever tried an ergonomic chair? I just got this aeron chair from preownedaerons.com because I couldn't afford a full priced one, but this one is perfect. I really have hardly any more mid afternoon fatigue anymore.

Anonymous said...

hello adam
the figure on your pie chart is that minus premium charge or not? and please could you explain what full market depth is? thanks

Peter Webb said...

Great advice, anybody who read my newsletter this time last year will have witnessed the total agony I went through when I suffered a herniated disc. When all was said and done it was entirely down to my posture and hours spent at my desk. A decent chair is a worthy investment. Also make sure you excercise regulary. Both will be time and money well spent!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, great post, on the subject of your office, could you outline your daily routine for me, 4 example- one hour before the races i evaluate the day. Then while the uk races are on i trade with a meal in between, then i evaluate myself for 30 mins, then off to the gym.

Great Blog Tama.

Anonymous said...

Given how important psychology is in trading, it would be great to see a post on how you mentally (and physically) prepare for the day. Do you do concentration or relaxation excercises such as yoga or meditation and do you have any rules about eating before trading?


Anonymous said...

Interesting post on chairs and posture, I understand from those in the know the key importance is keeping your eye level in line with the computer and not looking up or down to the screen, and that you're whole posture is key including what you're feet are supported by and how much weight you're legs take.
On another issue, in the background of the photo I can see something of your computer. Could you recommend a good spec computer to trade with and what size screen to get and broadband package? Sorry if you have already been asked this.
Rich S

Anonymous said...

This is all a total scam. Every blog entry and the blog page itself is splattered with advertising.

Ive got a good friend working at Betfair and looking into it for me so will be sure to post any form of discovery.

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi leon, a good piece of advice that's free is to wander around in between races for about 30 seconds or so! Just take a walk around the room/house - I find every time you sit down it feels much fresher!

Hi JJ, I've got a gym ball, might give it a go sitting on it from time to time - thanks for the advice!

Hi Anonymous1, the figure does not include premium charge! Full market depth is where you can see all the money available on both sides outside the first 3 back and lay prices when using the ladder interface.

Hi Tama and Hadley, I'll do a post on my routine for you soon!

Hi Rich, a good spec would be one with 4gb of ram and a dual core processor and a graphics card costing over £80. That's pretty much all you need I would say!

Hi Anonymous2, I look forward to your discovery :) Just bare in mind it's against company policy and probably the law!