Wednesday, 1 April 2009


This month has been an awesome month, the stats are predominantly boosted by Cheltenham Festival, but even after Cheltenham I still manged to maintain a higher level of success than I was doing beforehand. In March I averaged £113.65 per race over 370 races. My 'full day' statistics I keep shows I worked 19 days. I paid about £8,000 in Premium Charge - thankfully we won't have to start paying per bet. I must be a fool because I read it and believed it - I forgot the date!


Anonymous said...

Just spent the morning reading the whole blog. It's very nicely written.

It is great to see what you have achived. I am trying to work up to a daily £2.50 average.

donfede said...

It's unbelievable. How can you obtain such benefits on a daily basis?

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff, how funny that some people are still boasting about making £40k a year when you just did it in a month! Incredible. Wish I had even a small part of that ability,

Alex said...

Hi Adam
great results. just one question. what settings do you use for charting graphs?


Jeff Waters said...

Hi Adam,

Well done on March!

To what extent to you rely on what you see on the pre-race TV, and to what extent do you use the market activity to decide what actions to take?



Anonymous said...

hi adam
phenominal p/l would love to see a video of you trading a days races.think myself and alot of other people could learn alot from watching you trade. what is your long term goal? make your first million inside 4 years? to eventually move on to buying and selling stocks when you've outgrown this market?would be interesting to know what you have planned.keep up the good work always room for improvement.

cudster said...

Amazing month yet again.
What sort of percentage of your bet would you say are 1-2 tick sizes?


Anonymous said...

His results are false, I saw a discussion in a forum whith Adam to change betfair results with this link:

Give us a proof with a video, after we will see !!

Anonymous said...

"think myself and alot of other people could learn alot from watching you trade"

Adam would have to be off his rocker to post up videos of himself trading really wouldn't he? Especially to some anon post on the internet. I know what I would would do, I wouldn't even do the blog. So lets be thankful Adam has even gone that far.

Anonymous said...

"to eventually move on to buying and selling stocks when you've outgrown this market?"

Totally different market. One that is not stacked up the same or anywhere near as favourable as betting exchanges. I used to trade on stocks, but Betfair is much easier and more profitable. Only downside is that you can't scale very far but normally enough to have a decent living. Can't do that on stocks very easily. Lots of people will tell you can, before taking £10k of you to show you how!! You can guess what happens next.

Jeff Waters said...

Anonymous wrote:

"Give us a proof with a video, after we will see !!"

Er, I think you'll find he already has! :)

Anonymous said...

erm is this an april fools?! you say its from march but it says from yesterday? over 300 markets in two days? it does seem a little odd adam! even if it is an april fools it does show how easily u can edit P&Ls

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Anonymous1, thanks! All the best with your trading.

Hi donfede, a number of things! I hope people can get a sense of what is required from reading the blog.

Hi Anonymous2, it's not really 40k, its more like 32k because of the premium charge.

Hi Alex, all the settings are on default settings.

Hi Jeff, thanks. 99% of the time I just use the images on TV to find out the exact off of the race. Well market activity account for about 100%!

Hi Anonymous3, my long term goal with regards to trading is to just keep going until maybe a bigger better opportunity coming along, but I can't see that happening anytime soon, but you never know!

Hi Anonymous4, I posted up a video a couple of months ago here:

Hi Anonymous5, it wasn't an April fools! It says 'From Yesterday' because I only edited the date fields.