Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A great day out at Southwell

I was kindly invited by Bet Angel to go along to Southwell yesterday to support the sponsorship of the racing card. I was meeting up with Dave Raybould, as I'm sure many of you already know! He is the lead man in the personal tutoring and if anyone is keen on personal 1-1 tutoring on learning how to trade on betting exchanges then definitely check out the mentoring section here. So anyway, I was merely expecting to stand in the stands and watch the racing, having a little wander around. Dave ushered me into the private area at the top and enjoyed a great 3-course meal! We were taken into the parade ring where we got to inspect the horses running in the first race, or should I say Dave was doing the inspecting! I was like 'what's that? what's this?' because I haven't got a clue about the horses or any of the equipment on them! - terrible really! So anyway Dave spotted the favourite sweating underneath his saddle or cover over him, and looking slightly agitated - when we got back up the stand, we had a check up on the odds and the price of him had drifted from around 2's to 2.5! Thing's like this can clearly define a price movement, a much bigger impact than I had initially thought. We were desperate to lay him; we could have made a killing! So as some of you may know the favourite lost, not even coming in the front 3! What a trading opportunity.

Next thing I know I was invited to present the prizes to the owners of the winning horses - I was gutted the ATR crew weren't there as I would have loved to be on TV! It turned out the meeting was just a rearranged from Great Leighs. The day got even better when we were taken into the winning enclosure and invited to drink champagne with some of the owners and trainers! I brought my small Dell laptop for use on the train up there; Dave was already there with his laptop with mouse and charger - anyway we gave trading on a few races a go in between watching the racing and running downstairs to present the prizes. It started off as a competition of who can lose the most money! - We weren't in our comfortable trading environments of home and it's so much harder to get 'in-the-zone'.  I can safely say that I have never trading under the influence of alcohol; until yesterday that is. It was hilarious, I was on my 12 inch laptop screen, with no mouse, using the the touch pad - speed was definitely not on my side! However I managed to make £149 from a few races; the first traded race was a loss, just me accustoming to the environment. The real first race I laid £20 on the favourite that we saw sweat, and backed the second favourite by £20 - (Dave said he looked good!), but he didn't win so I broke even.

Overall a great day! It's a shame that Bet Angel aren't sponsoring the Grand National - I would have loved to have done the same at Aintree!


leonthefixer said...

Sounds like a good day out! Wouldn't have minded an invite myself :(

I only live down the road from the course and would have been great to have meet some fellow traders/bloggers. Oh well maybe next time :)

At least I managed to have a good day and beat your daily total for once which capped off my most successful month yet.

Hope you enjoyed the April fool joke, lets hope Betfair don't read it and think it is actually a god idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam

Have you haqd any training from Dave Raybould? or have you just attended Peter Webbs standard course that offers?

firedave said...

Do you do any training Adam? Would be interesting to watch you trade for the day.

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Anonymous, I haven't had any training from Dave, I only got to know him about a month ago!

Hi firedave, I don't do any training at the moment.

Karl Hall said...

Leon - I live about 35mins from Southwell.. if your ever at a networking event drop me a line.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam
I have been reading your blog over the past few weeks and your snapshots of your account are amazing to say the least.I have been looking at the bet angel course even thought it's at least 2hrs drive away. Can you tell me if you have done this yourself if so did this teach you things about trading that you didnt know about already. Also if you wouldn't mind answering this one with a £500 bank what would your daily profit target be as this is what i would like to use.