Monday, 20 April 2009

Evening Racing

The Armin van Buuren gig I went to was awesome, with some other well known DJ's their supporting the man himself. Evening racing is now in flow, so there are plenty more opportunities, especially for the inexperienced traders to give trading a go outside normal working hours. Today was my first time this year trading a full day with the evening racing. I traded 32 markets making £2,017.03. I felt a bit lerthargic today from having messed up my sleeping patters because of Friday night! I started the day with plenty of focus, but the warmth of the day and my room tired me slightly, not to mention a frustrating time with Betfair at one point where it slowed down completely on my land line and laptop, so no idea what happened there. It got me a bit disappointed because it ruined my momentum! So by the end of the afternoon racing I was about £800 up; a poor show given my more recent standards. My flatemate came back and I thought, why am I being a little bitch about things?! So I got my energy levels back up and focused finishing the day with increased concentration and motivation. That is the problem I think I am going to have with the evening racing - I don't want to think, "Oh, it's okay, I have the evening racing to fall back on if I haven't made a decent total from the afternoons racing" - I am going to probably set separate targets for each afternoon/evening so that this doesn't happen! For me, it's amazing how a target actually improves my ability to concentrate and trade with higher standards.


Anonymous said...

I can't beleive you made over 2k on a day like this! today was a joke for me. I could not read the markets at all. ended up with a small loss. I don't know how you do it!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff adam. Do you have a preference to lay or back? At the moment I find backing more rewarding as you can use your entire bank and you get more per tick but then of course you lose more as well.

Also when do you begin to trade? 10 mins before the off?


Grubber said...

Hi Adam,

I have been following the blog for a while.

You mentioned that you traded 32 markets today, do you find that you are more or less profitable per race on days with fewer races? I tend to find that I lose focus if I do that many.

Also, what mobile brand are you using for your backup and how have you found the service?



Steve Lewis said...

Hi Adam,

Another good day. Did you get on the 19:40 drifter (Proud Prescence) went from 3.0 to well over 6.

Keep up the good work.


jace said...

Hi Adam,

Glad to hear you survived the gig on Friday. Thanks for your book recommendation, placed an order yesterday for "the soul of money". I'm certainly one for disrespecting money at times, buying too many material things, hopefully I will learn a thing or two from it. Anymore book recommendations would be greatly appreciated

Cheers chap

Anonymous said...

alright adam- congrats on your progress!

i trade basketball odds in play and have been doing ok but im getting tired of the (very)late nights...wanna try my hand at evening races instead- when exactly are the first and last races of the evening session?

also, how were able to increase your exposure limit to above £5,000 in betfair?

RaceBets said...

Hey Adam

Really like your blog, mate you must have a real natural talent for trading.
I've recently moved by daily horse racing blog from racebets to send out daily horse rating and betting analysis daily to my email subscribers.

I've put a link to your blog on your homepage and would appreciate a reciprocal link.

If you want to put a bit of blurb together about your site, I will send it out to my email subscribers and put a write-up summary on my blog.

Keep up the good work.



Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, Will there be evening races on most nights now it's summer?

did you trade them last year?

Keep up the great work!

Joao Freitas said...

Hi Adam. Congratulations for your concistency. I have some questions that would be a pleasure for me to be answered by you:

1 - As far as I know, some years ago, horse markets were more atractive to 1 tick scalping and nowadays it's more atractive for swing trading. How do you think will the markets be in 10/20 years?

2 - I think you also believe that emotional skills are far more important for trading than analytical skills, and also harder to dominate. How do you think that your trading would be affected if something really bad happened in your life? Would you still manage to profit? Would you stop trading?

Can't remember anything else. Sorry for my bad English.

Anonymous said...

Hi mate great blog, any chance that you can video a trade to give us a idea to what you do??

matt said...

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Anonymous said...

hi adam do you more or less trade ever horse race even if the graphs dont reveal much or only trade once you see a deffinate trend in the graph brfore the off?

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Anonymous, I've found that you can perceive the market to be either great or bad, yet someone else will always think the opposite!

Hi Anonymous2, I suppose I have a preference to lay, as there always seems to be more people willing to lay than back. Your comment is definitely true. You also make more money by backing a horse first than laying at a lower price, because you end up hedging for a greater amount. Yeah I usually being with about 10 minutes to go before the off.

Hi Grubber, I find I am more profitable per race when I trade on days with less races - it's just because the races are usually more liquid. I also lose focus the more I do, I think it's just natural.
I use Vodafone for my mobile broadband - it's top notch.

Hi Steve, I think I missed that one :-/

Hi jace, let me know what you think of Soul of Money!

Hi Anonymous3, exact times can be found on, but are usually between 5 and 8-9pm.
..Just phone up Betfair to change your maximum exposure!

Hi Anonymous4, I did trade on nearly all of the evening racing last year, but I think I'll take it easier this year.

Hi Joao, in 10-20 years? I haven't even thought about it! I'd take a big guess that they will be much more liquid (more so the higher profile of a race), more competitive and harder to read!
Your second question is a strange question, and not very specific! To be honest, I have no idea what I would do, but then it depends how 'bad' this thing would have to be!!

Hi Anonymous5, I don't think I need to do a video, there are plenty out there already.

Hi Anonymous6, I do trade every race (pretty much), even if I don't predict any kind of trend.