Friday, 24 April 2009

Continued Progress

Today was a good day for trading. I managed to pick up a few big sums trading on a few big swings. One of the biggest I caught was this horse called Leahurst in Wolverhamtpon. His price moved (while I was watching it) from about 1.9 to 3.15, then back down to about 2.8 just before the race started. Yet another example where it is almost impossible to not profit from!! I managed to make just over £500 on the race, it was crazy that the horse's price drifted out all that way and he still won.

I might start practicing trading on more than one horse simultaneously, because if you can do that for opportunities such as this one, you could lay one horse and back the other one, making potentially a lot more money! I was thinking about trading ambidextrously, one hand with one mouse on one horse, and the other hand trading on the other horse simultaneously, using my eyes to flicker between the two. I'm not ambidextrous, but I'm going to give it a go - so I've started brushing my teeth with my left hand, and doing most normal tasks with it.

Here's kind of an average week's trading result, trading about 4 and a half days. My experimenting with other sports hasn't gone quite so well so far, but I'm learning! I'm 84% through the old challenge, and 50% through the new updated challenge (£250,000). I'll start updating the pie chart to go with the new challenge once I've completed the old one.


Anonymous said...

What's your strategy when trading soccer?

Dave Angel said...

I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous :-)

Great work again Adam!

Anonymous said...

Adam - Whatever you're doing you're doing it fantastically so i'd say don't ry and modify it. Over 9K a week is good going in anyones book.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam

I traded that race and made £60 first then screwed the rest up to eventually make £25 which was my most annoying trade ever. On a trade like that how many times did u add to your position.

Keep up the good work

ps i am so bloody jealous of your daily results but good on you

Anonymous said...


"Yet another example where it is almost impossible to profit from!!"

Anonymous said...

Adam, do you find it more difficult to trade on saturdays then the weekdays? i find that the odds jump about a lot more on saturdays then the weekdays

betfairtrading said...

Adam, do anything what can improve your results. Because I want to know, what everything is possible on Betfair :-)

leonthefixer said...

I personaly don't see the need to be ambidextrous to trade two horses.

You can only click on what you are looking at and I and I am sure you can move your mouse from one ladder to the other in the time it takes you to move your gaze.

If you want to increase the speed of your mouse movement perhaps consider increasing the DPI of your mouse.

As i say I am able to trade two horses at once on different ladders and I am sure you would be able to.

Well done on the profits - I hope you are investing some wisely for your future!

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi M, I don't really have a fixed strategy yet.

Hi Anonymous1 - thanks!

Hi Anonymous2, I added to my position a couple of times, and got out a couple of times.

Hi Anonymous3, thanks for the spot!

Hi Anonymous4, I suppose I find it only very slightly more difficult, I think they jump around more so because of some punters placing bigger bets.

Hi leon, I see and agree with your point. But I'd surely save time moving the mouse from one area of the screen to the other! I was just trying to think of ways to have slight advantages, as I'm sure you agree with! Any faster refresh for example of 5ms, I would more than welcome!

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam, a bit off topic but.. do you think you would be as good as you are now if you didn't do the bet angel course?

Do you think a profitable and experienced trader would benefit at all?

Anonymous said...

How much of a bank are you trading with Adam?

Good luck with your trading.

Scott Ferguson said...

hey Adam - your name/site/modus operandi is being brought up in wagering conferences these days!


Adam Heathcote said...

Hey Anonymous5, I think it definitely contributed. I think there is always something to learn off Peter Webb no matter how experienced you are.

Hi Anonymous6, I trade usually with anything up to £8,000 depending on the liquidity of the race.

Hi Scott! I don't know what to think about it! Weird if you ask me!