Sunday, 5 April 2009


I was really looking forward to Aintree, especially since I did so well in Cheltenham. The higher profile meetings give me a chance to use slightly bigger stakes than I would normally use - hence the potential profit!

Here is a screenshot of Thursday's P&L, Friday was a similarly great result. However Saturday, that's where the frustration came. As everyone who trade's knows, the responsiveness is poor on Saturday's. I was nervous about trading even more so because of it being Grand National day; I knew the Betfair servers would be getting a pounding, and of course they did! The responsiveness was extremely poor, sometimes taking up to 10 seconds for the user to be aware that a bet was either received or cancelled; I was very worried that Betfair might crash altogether. My intuition goes out the window when the data is not coming at me at a steady consistent rate - frustrating.

This screenshot was from a race on the 1st of April, I took it because it is a great example of a race where if you are a trader, it is practically impossible to not make profit from. Prices usually overshoot, and you can see that when the price peaked over 7, it came back in to around 6. If you used a £500 stake at odds of 3.6, and got out at a modest price of 6, and hedge at six, that's a hedged profit of £200 across the card. Double the stake, and that's a £400 profit! If your fairly intuitive it wouldn't be too hard to trade a big chunk of this trend. Let alone when its reached it's peak, come back to above 6, and then any scalping you can do when the price has reached its equilibrium.


Anonymous said...

Well done Adam. Outstanding stuff!

Not long until the evening racing now, will you be trading these markets each evening?

Last year I found them as good if not better than the afternoon markets.


Anonymous said...

£4k in one day is off the charts!

Did you do anything on Saturday what did you get on the national, anything. I found it almost impossible to trade on the national.

eigen said...

Hi Adam,

what is the biggest stake u use for a trade ?

You watch out for longer trends, arent't you ? This is much more profitable than the wanking for 2-3 ticks.

Jack said...

Hi Adam:

What book have you read about trade technical?Can you give us a list of it?
And whose book is the most influence your trading?


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, do you do use any odds comparing sites to set up and/or confirm your trades the way John O'Neill does? Thanks and great job.

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi leon, I will be trading the evening racing, but not every day. Should be interesting when they come along!.. I remember last year my profits atually dipped when the evening racing came along, which made no sense because I was trading double the races! So I'll tread carefully (mentally!).

Hi Anonymous1, I didn't trade on Saturday; I was too nervous over the possibility of Betfair crumbling.

Hi eigen, biggest stake I used was in the Cheltenham festival on a favourite, I used 8k.

Hi Jack, I haven't read any technical trading books yet. No book has been influencial, I think I've just developed on my own.

Hi Anonymous2, I don't use any odds comparison site, well maybe occasionally.