Friday, 27 March 2009

My Journey - Part 2

So continuing, when I got back from the Betfair Academy I had a look up on Bet Angel and Peter Webb to find this course that was mentioned - booked it for October '06. After the course I was inspired and made a conscious decision to give trading a go full-time after I'd finished University, especially after seeing someone P&L's for a day trading, where they made about £400 for a day's work. So yeah I finished my degree, the project of predicting horse racing obviously didn't work, otherwise I'd be a rich man sitting doing hardly anything, letting the computer do all the hard work!

Once I finished my degree, I went on a second Bet Angel course, this time it was to learn the In's and outs of the software. By this time, I had still done next to no trading on horse racing whatsoever - maybe about 5 trades on 2 horse races in total. This was in June '07. After this, I felt I had to earn some money to keep myself afloat, so I began doing gardening for my Dad, he's semi-retired and had started his own Gardening business. About a month after the second course I went on, I remember going to Kempton races one evening, I'd never been to the races before - it was after that heavy period of rainfall, where quite a few courses just could not run any races. I bumped into Peter there and had a great chat with the maestro himself. Meanwhile I was thinking to myself, why haven't I started trading yet! I think the real reason was because if I was going to have a go at it, I wanted to give 100% and not one evening here, and one afternoon there.

From there it took me 2 months before I got everything in place - my office, with Sky, and more importantly my determination to make it work.


Anonymous said...

Hello Adam, do you always hedge your profit to make the same profit on all horses or do you use something like dutching??? I think that if you do not know anything about the horseracing, hedging all horses is the best way or I am wrong? Thanks for answer

Anonymous said...

Intersting... so you had lots of contact with the man himself! go on admit it, he told you the secret!!?

Capitan Bukkake said...

Why do you need Sky? Don't you trade pre-race markets?

Anonymous said...

A simple request for you, Adam.

Would you post up a screenshot of your trading screen?

Many Thanks

Anonymous said...

welli'm still puzzeled how you approach the market and what strategy you're using cause there is no mmuch in webb's course i think you need some technical analysis skills specially charting


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

Great blog. Great read.

I am just starting to trade on a small scale as I continue to learn the ropes. I am yet to purchase Bet Angel and hoped you could hel me with a question regarding the product.

As im trading small sums, the below is an issue. It relates to the "Greening up" facility.

If I have Locked in a profit and then wish to Green up but the consequent Greening up bet is less than a value of £2, would Bet Angel be able to submit such a bet despite Betfair's minimum £2 bet rule that exists.

For instance, if Greening up involved placing a lay bet of a small sum like £1.11, would Bet Angel be able to place this bet through simply clicking the "Green up" button or would this not be processed?

If you could help I'd be delighted,

Many Thanks and keep it up!!!

Paul said...

So you did the trading masterclass before you'd any real experience of BetAngel, or even of trading really? Were you not a bit mystified about it all? Great posts as always, Adam

Anonymous said...

"Why do you need Sky? Don't you trade pre-race markets?"

So if the race is late, that's no advantage then if you have pictures? I think its fairly obvious why pictures are useful.

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Anonymous1, I always hedge my book to make a profit - or loss. I don't use dutching that much. Hedging is definitely the best way.

Hi Anonymous2, there is no 'secret'!

Hi Anonymous3, I'll get a screenshot up soon, you own't be as impressed at Peter or John's setup though!

Hi Adam, the missing link is intuition - but that comes down to experience and cannot be taught!

Hi Anonymous4, you can green up with stakes less than £2 using Bet Angel.

Hi Paul, I was not mystified really, I didn't really find anything being done complicated!