Thursday, 19 March 2009


After a personally jaw dropping experience for me trading during Cheltenham I took a planned trip to Dublin for St. Patrick's day and had an awesome time out there; it really is a great place to be on the day! It was my brother's 27th birthday, front left of the photo, it was his idea to dress up as Men in Black - it was a fun idea, catching some good and bad attention, but overall good!

This was taken just outside our hotel before we left, the hotel was a great location right next to a couple of clubs and a 10 minute walk to the centre of Dublin.

It was very weird coming back to trading, the 5 day break was the longest break I've had since August last year. I don't know whether it was just the time I had off, or whether it's because of post-Cheltenham, but the markets felt different, a sense of more traders and some occasional big stakes being used. Anyway I managed to adapt and pull out a good result - I didn't feel refreshed at all, it felt like I had been working 10 days straight, mostly because the time out in Ireland was a complete binge; a 12 hour drinking session on the 17th! (I made an allowance for my 2-drink a night rule!).


2% Trader said...

Hi Adam

Well done on your results.

I was wondering what you are planning on doing after you complete your challenge?



Anonymous said...

"I was wondering what you are planning on doing after you complete your challenge?"

Retiring at this rate!

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Darren, I plan to continue with my trading - at leasts that's the plan now. Who know's what I will be doing at the start of next year!

- I doubt very much I will retire!