Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Well yesterday was frustrating! - I started off the day really well, but then realised that my mobile broadband was not working properly. I was trying to get it to work as it always used to but couldn't. It was really starting to get to me because when your so used to something working, and it doesn't, especially when you pay good money and nowadays we rely and expect technology to have a good reliability, it can change your mood! It changed my mood and concentration levels because in the back of my mind I knew that it's so riskier trading without a backup connection (mostly in the last 2 minutes before the race is due off - because anything over 2 minutes, you have plenty of time to call up Betfair and exit the trade that way), because if my Internet went down half way through a trade with 30 seconds to go I'd be farked!; well, not if your one-way trade won; but then those sorts of things don't happen frequently enough for it to be averaged out. So anyway, as soon as I knew the mobile broadband was buggered I frantically tried to fix it whilst trying to trade at the same time. The fixing wasn't working and my trading reflected my fowl mood - terrible! So anyway I traded about 8 races and lost just under £200, which I knew was a one-off because of the problem. At about 4pm half way through the trading day I decided to forget it and fix it later, meanwhile to get away from my frustration head to the shops for a bit of instant gratification and go to the shops!.. Going back to what Peter said in his blog, I am starting to become more wary of my instant gratification personality - in certain areas - and slowly making amends. A good old habit I have is stuffing myself with chocolate when I 'need' it, for example after a bad couples of traded races - but now I'm only letting myself have 2 squares of Dairy Milk a day; it will teach me to defer my need for gratification and probably most likely help balance my sugar levels throughout the day.

Anyway, today was good as I got back on track. I'm now coming up to the 50% completion of my challenge, way ahead to schedule. At the time when I set the target it felt like a reasonable challenge, but I guess now it seems silly! I can't really go and change the title of the blog now, but my personal target has now become £250k (before the premium charge - 200k with it). I'll follow on with the 'how I got here' post tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

This might sound excessive but if I was making your kind of money I think I would have a double back up of everything. I.e. 2 mobile internet connections. They cost for 3GB just £7.50 a month. Therefore you could easily pay for 2 for a yr with just one trade.

This would mean if you had issues like today you could just switch over to the other and not have the hassle or negative effect on your trading which I am sure cost you far more than 12 months of £7.50?

You make a fortune and could with one days earnings easily buy a double back up set up.

Perhaps worth considering given the fact it would remove the negative effect such issues as today have.


Carl Harris said...

if I cant be arsed or get in a bad mopod I take the dog for a walk! clears the head!

Anonymous said...

Monday was a very hard anyway Adam. The markets seemed of very poor quality even though there was good liquid also Betfair was slow, bets taking longer to show and such like.

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi leon, your absolutely right there - I realised that after the day was out. I will consider getting another mobile broadband, even though it seems crazy to! Thanks for the comments!

Hi Carl, I would walk the dog if I had a dog.. I absolutely love dogs, but don't think having a dog in a flat in London is a good idea!

Hi anonymous, I suppose so, but nevertheless, very frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

Would you say that you only trade on weekly racing markets as against at the weekend? If this isn't the case have you had much success on the weekend markets?


Anonymous said...

H Adam!
Do you any website that offer Live coverage of horse racing?.

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Anonymous2, I predominantly trade mid-week, but it's not rare at all if I trade on the weekend. I've had more success mid-week, but that's down to being more used to trading them more frequently.

Hi Anonymous3, I'm not aware of any.