Sunday, 1 March 2009


February has been a great month for me, I traded on 385 races, 3 more races than January and averaged £55.02 a race; exactly the same (to the nearest penny) average per race than January. I worked 19 full working days, with a couple partially traded days; 5 full days less than last month - that just shows how many meetings were abandoned last month. I've been very busy over the last week, I went on a presentation skills day event; I thought I'd face my fears and try and overcome the nerves I get. I learnt some good skills and techniques which I can use, not that I have any presentations lined up! I thought my last ever presentation I'd have to do was at University, I never thought I'd be paying to do one! Anyway, back to last month's performance. I must have kept up my concentration fairly well throughout the days I worked - as the density of races increased compared to last month, I still managed to maintain the same average per race.

I am really looking forward to the big meetings coming up through the year, starting with Cheltenham in March. I never used to like them, but that was a year ago and I have gained a lot of valuable experience since then. I remember the last Cheltenham as being manic, with 4 days of racing condensed into 3 days, they were long and hard days I remember. Maybe a random snow shower this year will do the same?

I still haven't got round to replying to comments and emails - I am doing all these later, so if you left a comment, even 2 weeks ago, check back later tonight for responses.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam

Your profits make me so motivated to crack this game but you face so many doubters who believe you are wasting your life away.
But as they say "show me the money" and they soon change their minds do you have any advice as im going this transition at the moment without showing massive profits yet.

Anonymous said...

hi adam
well done mate ,just wondering are you still with £6000 trading bank or higher now

kind regards

Darren said...

Hello Adam

Do you ever or have you considered giving people one on one training in "trading on Betfair" obviously for crossing your palm with some green.


properpunter said...


Been reading your posts for a while & really impressed with the effort & analysis you put in.

I've dabbled with trading in the past, but lack of discipline always let me down - have started my own blog/site to try & improve that aspect.

Regarding Cheltenham, do you change your approach at all ?
Do you ever trade ante post ?

paulharr said...

Hi Adam,
I really take my hat of to you looking at your results and what you have achieved well done, is Peter Webbs Course a must or do you think you can do it without the training by just practising and just watching the movements of odds, I would like to know your thoughts as I am looking into the courses.
All the best
Paul (Devon)

Anonymous said...


Excellent blog. Certainly sets the trading bar very high. I note that you are showing your January results again rather than February.


Anonymous said...


Do you reverse the book when trading?

What do you find are the benifits of this?

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Adam, I have a bank of £10,000 now but am not using it all - I hope to use it all for Cheltenham next week.

Hi Darren, I have considered it, but don't think I would do it until the end of my challenge.

Hi properpunter, I will need to change my approach for Cheltenham, they are less volatile - last year I didn't quite grasp it, but hopefully this year I can. I don't trade ante post, I know nothing about the horses.

Hi Paul, Peter Webb's course is a must in my eye's, it's a great motivational and an eye opener, I don't know anyone who's been to it and not been pleased. Most of my raw trading I have learnt myself, but was given great starting points on his course.

Hi Anonymous2, the results are for February, it's just they are similar.

Hi Anonymous3, my book is reversed, I don't think it really matters as you can do exactly the same on a normal book thn you can on reversed - I think it's just down to personal preference.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam

'I don't trade ante post, I know nothing about the horses.' - surely thats a slip - I thought you ONLY traded ante post (pre race)? I didn't think you went in -running?


Mike said...

Hi Adam,

You are showing january's results instead of february. It show 2009-01-01 to 2009-02-01

Adam Heathcote said...

Apologies! I knew I had the right results up, I was just editing the dates in the P&L Period and must have taken the screenshot at the wrong time with the wrong dates (and obviously not clicked Submit on those dates - before the scepticism comes flying in again!).

Hi Bill, you confused me, you made me think I was wrong, but Ante-post are just those markets that open up for months before a big race - I heard!

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I know what you mean now.

Cheers Bill