Monday, 30 March 2009

Bet Angel sponsor Southwell card

Tomorrow Bet Angel are again sponsoring the whole of one meeting; this time at Southwell, and like leonthefixer said in his blog, it's great to see something being given back to the sport. 

For some reason the responsiveness on Saturday's are not to the same standard as weekdays from Betfair. I started off really well, reaching a profit-high after only 5 races which I was really happy with. Anyway the responsiveness slowed down whilst trading the 15:00 race - I've been so used to having great responsiveness, that it got to me. I spent the rest of the day hovering below my profit-high, finishing the day on a modest total. I also had slightly loss of focus, much less than normal, mostly because it's a Saturday, and my mind generally wanders to looking forward to going out that night, to what are the football scores! Anyway poor excuse, I'd be a better trader if I was able to stay calm through any scenario. The responsiveness did improve, but by then I had a headache over the whole shebang!

Saturday's P&L


Carl Harris said...

Treat it as a Half day on Saturday (Overtime)!!

Stephen Maher said...

its amazing what happens me during the day when I've something planned that night, went to the ireland match saturday, had to stop betting at half 4 and the match didnt kick off til 7.45! focus focus focus!! easier said then done

Steven said...

Hi Adam,

Im a trading newbie. Having made a fair bit off arbing and matched betting i really want to try my hand at trading. Could you point me in the direction of any sites/courses etc where it'd be good to learn for someone who has very little experience. I would really appreciate it if you or anyone else could answer this question.

Thanks and well done so far.

Carl Harris said...

Im in a similar boat. I have been a pro punter for 5 years and am focusing on trading. The best advice I have gained is to speak to as many traders as possible, secondly practice practice practice - you can so so on £2 stakes to get going.

I also had Dave from BEt Angel come to answer all the questions I had and make sure I had the software sorted.

Then its down to practice. just keep at it and even stake small if you are not confident. I am not a do it small person and have learnt some costly errors but have improved very rapidly. Then we can hope to compete with Adam soon who is becomming Grasshopper!



Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Steven, there are some links on the right-hand menu on my blog.