Thursday, 12 March 2009

2nd & 3rd Days

What an unbelievable two days. I've really been in-the-zone, and when it matters - on the big festival. I have kind of 'clicked' with these highly liquid meetings now and hooked up a siphon to the money in the markets into my account. Obviously its by far not easily done - I've only got this far through the last year and a half of determination to improve my trading skills; through passion.

It's been really inspiring watching all these top-quality horses all compete to cross the finish line the quickest. I love the high frame rate, slow video captures of the horses on Channel 4, when you see the effort these horses put in, with all there muscles working in tandem. It's also great to realise that these horses clearly have feelings; personalities - from some of the names that owners give to their horses, and the expressions of what the horses are 'like' by the horse carers. It just shows the awesome connected communication there is without speech between living beings and animals. It's quite sad when you see these horses crashing and falling into fences. Anyway, I'm changing the subject slightly!

I wish Cheltenham races were on every day! I will definitely plan ahead and work out now when all the big meetings are so I can remember not to plan or book any time off. I don't really want to post the results up because some of the sums I have made just seem so unrealistic, even to some experienced traders. I remember when I was starting out, or 6 months into my trading, if I saw results like the last two days, I'd just have been like - "What the hell?" and just discard it and imagine I never saw it. I'm actually looking forward to posting a tough / losing day when I have one next; I will explain it in detail.


Paul said...

Nicely put about the horses, Adam. When I started, I had little appreciation of the sport but now I really regard it as an art and when it all goes right (for horse and jockey) it really is the sport of kings. Just a pity I make the trades of morons! Can't wait to see the results

Anonymous said...

put a video on again of your win, would really like to see how well you did! most people reading believe you anyway, just a few that are either jealous or overly sceptical about anything. keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

The big meetings are always great to trade on.I trade before off to usually stakes of 1-2k and to smaller stakes in play.But have managed to trade simular stakes in play at cheltenham.I'm £10,648.65 up on pre off trading but a staggering £21,532.55 up on inplay(i do have feed which is an advantage on last couple of races each day)but its been a great meeting.Just dare not look at what im paying premium charge.
good luck today

Anonymous said...

wow ,well done pal you're not far from your target, there are other traders who are making 4to 10k per day trading in running but i think betfair needs to fix their api, really slooooooooooow.

all the best
adam the londoner

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your results.Won't say good luck. Looks like you don't need it!!

Free Poker Tokens said...

Well done Adam sounds like you're doing really well. I'm really excited been doing a bit of trading but going on Peter Webbs course on Monday so hopefully will learn some useful tips. I realise you're very busy but could you recommend any unusual questions I could ask that might be really helpful or that you might want to know and I can pass on the information. Cheers and good luck with the gold cup.

leonthefixer said...

Well done Adam - would love to see what you made. It must be some amount given your profit on Day 1!

Keep up the good work and the blog - it is quite an inspiration!

You will be having to give Peter Webb a lesson soon ;-)

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Well done Adam
You have a lot of fans that really enjoy watching you succeed, please post the GOOD results, I can already see from the pie charts that they must be excellent, whatever you are hoping to achieve on the rest of the week I hope you treble it,
you are a genuine inspiration and I forcast you revising your target upwards to 250k or beyond
Best regards from itsmepat

Anonymous said...

You can't not post your results because there unrealistic!!!! get em on!

Anonymous said...

Well done, I followed pinstickers blog last year and thought that was amazing. Now I know that there are even bigger peaks to scale. It's a great journey and its wonderful to hear such postive stories when so many people told me it couldn't be done or tried to trample on these types of blogs. Fantastic stuff!

top layer said...

can you please explain how much you started with becauce you ststed your challenge was 0-150k

Kevin said...

Just wondered how often you've been up in trading a race, only to lose all or some of the profit by putting in a few more trades. Psychologically I've found its sometimes difficult to enter into another trade for fear of losing that profit, or do you just try and exploit every trading opportunity whatever the result ?

....after attending Peters course and following Pinsticker(?) and your blogs, its kept me motivated in my attempt to trade, thanks for the inspiration.

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi leonthefixer, I doubt very much I will be giving Peter a lesson! Peter is always one step ahead of the game.

Hi top layer, I suppose the title is kind of deceiving, I didn't start with £0, I started with a bank of £6000 I think it was.

Hi Kevin, I have done that numerous times; I do it every day. When your trading and make some money, but carry on trading only to lose what you made, sometimes turning the profit into a loss - it's only normal.

Steven said...

Hi Adam,

Im a trading newbie. Having made a fair bit off arbing and matched betting i really want to try my hand at trading. Could you point me in the direction of any sites/courses etc where it'd be good to learn for someone who has very little experience. I would really appreciate it if you or anyone else could answer this question.

Thanks and well done so far.