Tuesday, 10 March 2009

1st day of the festival

Well, what a day! I thrashed my best day; I've got a few screenshots from today's record breaking day. When I traded my first festival/highly liquid races, I used to hate them, but as time when on I learnt to trade them better - part of the reason why I've been so excited about trading the big meetings now. My best came on the Champion hurdle; the focus race of the day. I managed to catch Binocular's price coming in and out again when he was caught sweating.

As usual the races surrounding the Cheltenham races were suffocated slightly until the last few minutes - it's funny to see - you can see that bigger stakes are attempted to be brought into the market because some people are in 'high stakes mode' from trading the Cheltenham races, at least that's the way it seems. I can't wait until tomorrow, but I should calm down before I start. The lost just over £100 today on 2 races, most of which came from on the race after the Champion hurdle; I was so elated from making such a great amount, I lost focus.

Just watching the Liverpool v Real Madrid game; Real must feel so hard done by, in my view both goals shouldn't have happened - the first was a foul and the second was not a hand ball! Hope you've all been enjoying Cheltenham, either as a spectator or with a view to profit from.



bloody hell, that is some impressive figures. find it hard usually at chelt, but as you say you can get away with huge stakes and i think this affects me.

How can you say that liverpool shouldnt be 2-0 up?????? it should be 10 mate.

good luck tomorrow

redbrix said...

over £3k in one day! Hells bells Adam you are setting some very high standards for us all to follow - very wel done. You are an inspiration and are showing just what is capable in the sport trading markets - keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Holy Sh*t! awsome result. I've never seen over a grand on one race prerace trading before!

Anonymous said...

I gather you're not a Liverpool fan! Great trading today - nicely done.

Anonymous said...

very immpressive

Anonymous said...

Well done, a right cracker. I see Peter Webb also had a decent day.

Paul said...

Holy Crap! £1100 in one race. Well done, Adam

TraderGray said...

Hi Adam

That is a fantastic start to Cheltenham, I hope you continue to do as well.

I'v just started on my trading 'journey' and your green up for this one race is higher than my weekly target after 12 months of trading.

Good luck with the rest of the festival.


Anonymous said...

Do your trade more in run or pre race?

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

You have got to be proud of beating the master Peter Webb on the day!

I bet he will be looking to rectify the situation today.....

Well done on generating probably the equivalent of two months average salary in one day.

Carl Harris said...

thats a brilliant performance!
Im not trading this week, I should be given the results!

Anonymous said...

Don't you think it's funny that all the doubters and cynics now not only realise they were wrong, but also way behind the curve. LMFAO!

Well done. I look at those figures and realise there is plenty of room more for me to grow. Fantastic stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wow 3k in one day, awesome!
What tips can you give a beginner? Which books do you read?


Adam Heathcote said...

Thanks for all the great comments everyone.

One of the Anonymous', I trade purely pre-race; I know nothing about the horses.

Also, I'm not a Liverpool fan, I'm a Watford fan! Come on you 'orns!

Juicestorm said...

Great results Adam, completly beat us, we managed to blow out betting bot up live on air!

Well done, even if you support Watford!


Elsa said...

Congratulations on your blog.
Is an incentive for the new traders.
I hope one day to reach your level.
See u soon.

2% Trader said...

Hi Adam

I have been reading your blog for some time and decided to start one up myself.

It is just my ramblings as I try to up my bank by 2% each day and talk about living and working in Ibiza.

I have left a couple of comments on your blog before under "Anon" and was wondering if you could run a link from your blog for me please.

Cheers big boy and if you are every in Ibiza I will buy you a beer