Friday, 13 February 2009


I've been playing around with the Camtasia software, it's pretty good. I've got a video basically showing me logging in to my Betfair account to show my past month's results, this will definitely throw out the skepticism over the authenticity of my results! I tried putting the clip up on YouTube so I could show the video on the blog, but the quality comes out really poorly.

Anyway, check out the video here.

As you can see I have increased my balance to £10,000 because I am preparing for the big meetings such as Cheltenham where higher stakes can be used!

Last few days of trading have produced good results, but yesterday was the most stressful day I've had in a while. I did phenomenally well in the first 7 or 8 races, but the rest of the day was ridiculous - I in fact lost money over 13 or so races. What I decided the reasoning behind this was due to a build up of lack of acceptance. I remember one race where I lost money, then a massive price movement happened in the same race which I totally missed out on, that frustrated me. So because I never accepted it and moved on, I let the frustration build up inside - preventing me from turning the day into an awesome one. The quicker you can accept what has happened, the more focused you will stay.

Last 2 days:


Anonymous said...

youre the best keep on going man !

Nuno said...

For me it was never in cause the trueness of your results.
What i really would like to see, is a video of you trading a race. I believe i could learn a lot from it. Hope you do that.

Michael Baker said...

Well done mate, good way to get those critics off your back!!! I be tyou wont hear nothign about it now and they will crawl back under the stone they came from. Mike

Kare said...


My goal is to win 1000 EUR / month :-)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the efforts you go to, to proof your results - but good on you. You are doing very well.

By the way is that the new Google browser? Is it any good?

Cheers Kev

Anonymous said...

No one can argue with that!!
Hate the game people.

Anonymous said...

Hi,,, i cant see your video,i dont know why? :(
DId you put your video in youtube? whats the name the video?

Krzysztof said...

Do You mostly ask for the price or take what's available when entering the market?

cudster said...

I bet that shut the sceptics up!
Nice blog.

Is there any chance of a blog on how you started trading for the first time any time soon?
Only when your not too busy earning what I earn in a month in one day!


Jeff Waters said...
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fairfranco said...

good stuff Adam.

while many said they didn't need any proof there's always a nagging doubt when you see someone doing so well, especially after seeing that P&L Template that can allow people to make up results so easily.

Very impressive stuff. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Adam, proves those doubters wrong. Do you find yourself trading the favourite more often than not, or have you made a trade on an outsider that has given you more satisfaction?

Anonymous said...

adam, I enjoy reading your blog and I hope you keep it going through the year. Since your trading is at such an advanced stage, do you ever think 'This is easy, why can't people figure it out?' - it's a serious question, I'm just wondering if it becomes so auto-pilot that you sometimes wonder why people have such a hard time getting to grips with it. Like me, for instance! thank you and rgds, Den

Martin said...

the video doesn't seem to work, what software do i need to play it? can't you post it up on youtube?

Riko said...

the file needs to be converted to .avi before it can be viewed on some computers - the sofware is available freely online to download.

Adam - fantastic achievement.

Apologies if this was asked before, but do you trade on more than one horse per race and do you know anyone who is averaging more than you per day?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't post up a video of yourself trading to be honest. You obviously know what you are doing so why pander to those that dont? Well done on some excellent results. Keep going.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't post a video either. You'll have people with crazy stakes losing there bacnks in minutes. Just because they thought they could do what you do.

Adam Heathcote said...

Thanks for the great comments everyone, it's really motivating hearing people congratulate you.

Hi Kev, that is the new Google browser, I really like it!; it's nice and light and quick.

Hi Krzysztof, I probably end up doing both equally as much.

Hi cudster, I will do a post on when I first started trading soon!

Hi Den, I do wonder sometimes some people can spend so much time on it and not learn how to trade successfully, but I think it boils down to the sort of person you are.

Hi Martin, I will try and get it up on YouTube soon, I'll put it on my To Do List.

Hi Riko, I do trade on more than one horse in a race quite often. If I've had no success with one horse and I see another better opportunity I'll often switch. I don't 'know' anyone else who makes more than me except probably Peter Webb! There aren't that many other people who post results.