Monday, 23 February 2009


The challenge is going pretty well so far, although recently, especially Saturday, the API was absolutely awful. I gave up in the end because I found myself getting far to stressed out about it! The API felt back to normal today and I got a great result under my belt for a Monday. To update you on previous days since my last post on Wednesday, I traded Thursday making £1082.44 - I can't remember the day at all, it's well in the past now. Friday I wasn't feeling very well at all, my housemate and I both came down with something; I gave trading a go for parts of the day, making an unspectacular £200. Saturday, as I explained I gave it a go, but got fed up and finished about £120 up. Those two days I really don't count as full day's to go down as being recorded because I didn't trade the whole day on both occasions - I always feel guilty if I haven't traded on a day that I planned to work on - even if I'm slightly ill. The profit I made though will still account to my yearly P&L.

For the last year I've noticed that while I trade, I don't breathe normally. It sounds strange, but I effectively hold my breath and breathe very shallow while I'm trading - when I exit a trade and lean back on my chair, I'm aware that I'm not breathing (much) and try and resume normal breathing. I know my body does this to ensure I focus more. It's a bad habit I've developed since an early teenager that I'm going to overcome by practising breathing techniques throughout the morning which will help with my breathing while I trade. I'm interested to find out if anyone else is aware that their breathing pattern changes whilst trading, or maybe just certain trades that require intense concentration? There are plenty of comments and emails I need to sift through, apologies! - I will get through them all.

I had a full health check up this morning with BUPA, I've never had one before - it included a cardio-respiratory exercise test which was great fun! I got wired up like Morpheus once was in The Matrix and got on a bike to do some exercise. Everything was just fine with me, as I expected/hoped considering I still am only 23. The only thing they recommended me to do was to increase the intensity of my cardio work - my body is far too used to moderate exercise which it copes with very well. I've obviously been taking the easy route when it comes to exercise.


Anonymous said...

hi Adam,what happened to your swimming naked post?I have followed your blog from day 1 and hope to learn from it,and it was the best thing you have written so far.

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam, what else do BUPa test? do they take your blood and check cholesterol and such? and liver?

Do you ever run? or just gym work? like x trainers and that?

Anonymous said...

Adam for the cardio read up on HIIT High intensity interval training. 30 minutes every second day will make a vast improvement on your fitness levels.

For the breathing learn anapana breathing, it will quieten your mind and make trading a lot less stressful. When you are stressed the first thing that is affected is your breathing and heart rate. If you are really serious and want to have a quiet mind under trying circumstances do the Vipassana 10 day course. It is tough going and not for the faint hearted.


Krzysztof said...

Swimming naked was of course John's post! (

Adam - why did You stop to answer people's questions!?

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam
Congrats with the challenge so far.

Quick question - some days you show the PnL breakdown of each race and on other days just a final summary of the days profit....any reason for this? I compare my weak profits per race vs your figures as a motivational tool!

Anonymous said...

hi Adam,could you explain to me how
a tissue is formed??Also how do handicappers produce ratings for a

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Anonymous1, as Krzysztof said, that was John's blog!

Hi Anonymous2, BUPA tested my blood, urine, cholesterol, blood pressure and a load of other tests.

Hi Ian, the HIIT sounds a great idea for me to follow. The breathing techniques I am trying out varied techniques, it's fun finding the right ones for me. I have heard about the Vipassana and have been considering going on it - it does sound tough. Thanks for the advice - it definitely resonates alignment with me.

Hi Anonymous3, I don't always put up a detailed P&L because I think people become too obsessed with comparing my results. I put them up occasionally so everyone can get a feel as to how I might have progressed or reversed my progress!

Hi Anonymous4, I have no idea!

Anonymous said...

Still read your blog everyday absolutely love it .one question is there a price level that you tend not to trade above..


DaveRaybould said...


A tissue is compiled by bookmakers and professional punters (some non-pro punters) and it reflects their view of the relevant race i.e. which horse will win and it's associated odds. It takes a lot of hard work and a good knowledge of the event being studied. Basically if you have a horse at 3.5 and the price on offer is 3.25 then there is no value in the bet. If it is 3.5 on your tissue and 4.0 with the exchange or bookmaker then it is a bet.

The ratings compiled by a handicapper are based on the performance of a horse. The better the horse, the higher the rating he is assigned and therefore the greater the weight it must carry. The horses are then rated and assigned a weight to "in theory" make them equal. They should cross the line together but we all know that never happens.

Just imagine yourself racing Usain Bolt over 200 chance! Now give him 3 x 25kg bags of spuds to carry and you have more of a chance...he'd probably still beat me though :)

Anonymous said...

A very interesting trade Adam and full congratulations to you for both how well written it is and also the fantastic results you achieve. You should be very very proud because you are only achieving such success after lots of hard work and dedication. I will be following your progress each week and wish you even greater success. Keep going Son and you will achieve all you want.