Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Today was my best day ever (based on average return per race) given so little racing! But I wouldn't be able to achieve this return per race in the space of 3 meetings because I practically started trading with 25 minutes to go before each race today, and usually you only get given about 10 minutes. It's what I used to do at the Kempton and Wolverhampton evening meetings in my first 8 or so months of trading; I was very dedicated and spent almost every possible chance trading, even if it meant me not going out. Now of course, knowing I have put the time and effort in the early days of trading, I can afford to take time off for my social life. It was just the price I had to pay to get this far. Thankfully, unlike some careers, it did not mean years of a diminished social life, such as starting up your own business.


Anonymous said...


I look fwd to reading your e,mail every day especialy your reply to questions.Do you do most of your trading on short priced favourites or are there any prices that you like to trade on best of all....

thank you for any reply

John said...

Well done Adam - that is exceptional!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you made that much from one meeting! I found it rock hard and lost money.

Anonymous said...

Hi -Adam great result, do you read the form before trading - do you look at whats commented in the racing post, jockeys, trainers, courses etc or just purely trade on whats happening on screen, i guess what i am trying to establish do you make a entry based on homework and knowledge or based on the weight of money,
many thanks

Russell said...

Hi Adam

I live in Spain and am flying back to the Uk. I am off to Sports Traders in London for some one on one trading action on tuesday!!!

Just wondered if you had heard any reports on this?

Just one other question how long was you trading before you starting earning some decent money (+200 pounds a day)?

Many thanks and keep up the good work.


Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Kevin, I do most of my trading on the favourite yes - higher liquidity!

Hi Tom, I don't know anything about the horses form and jockeys etc. Like you say, I make the judgement based purely on what's happening in front of me in the market.

Hi Russell, I added a graph to the blog showing the progress I made from near enough when I started.