Wednesday, 4 February 2009


I thought I had hit a plateau, but it now appears I haven't! I have managed to gradually get better as time goes by: this graph shows the amount I averaged per day for every month since September 2007 (from a bank of a few hundred - near enough when I started, when I decided to keep my own record) until the end of last month. I seemed to have managed to keep pushing myself even until now. I will carry on pushing myself to see what is achieveable.


I traded the last couple sets of the Nadal vs. Federer final and managed to make £100 from having done little trading - I am now very keen to get involved in trading tennis, so when the next tournament comes along that doesn't interupt with any planned horse race trading you can guarantee I'll be in the market! I am quite optimistic about trading tennis, I found it easier than I thought, as all it took was opening up a trade at the point that serves as minimal risk (no pun intended!) to a greater gain.

I was watching the Everton vs. Liverpool FA Cup match tonight, in the final few minutes of the second half of extra time, all of a sudden the adverts kicked in; we were all like - what the ...? 30 seconds later the numpty at ITV who must have accidentally pushed the avert button put it back on the football, only to find out that the only goal from the game had been scored! I'm sure the guy must have got the boot!


Scottish Exile said...

So I wasn't imagining things when I saw the adverts in the second period of extra time!!!

Thought your graph was interesting with a small incremental gain for the first few months then the big growth spurt from about 9 to 18 month mark.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

Great improvement in average profit per day in pretty quick time. Apart from experience, what do you put that down to? Are you a fan of charts or do you rely more on 'feel' or something else?

Keep up your great performance.
Regards, Jim.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam

Superb results but could you post your totals for the individual races as i like to see how the hell you are making all this cash.

Anonymous said...

That graph explains all. Thanks for sharing your learning curve in figures. I'm averaging £50 a day at the moment so hopefully in a few months time I should be achieving my £200-£500 daily targets.

Do you think your avarage per day has something to do with your larger bank balance or just the confidence of using higher stakes?

Free Poker Tokens said...

What sort of trades were you doing on the tennis? Were you just backing in the game intervals after break points and then laying them of?

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Jim, I am more of what I 'feel' than down to graphs - but I use graphs religously.

Hi Anonymous1, I don't think I really need to post the detailed P&L - I will them occasionally just to show examples of a usual day.

Hi Anonymous2, I think the higher averages I make has come down to everything you can think of, all of the personality traits such as confidence, acceptance etc. - all those from the poll I've currently got up, as well as experience, bank and stake size - it all matters!

Regarding the tennis trades, I just made trades where I thought the back/lay prices were value.