Thursday, 5 February 2009

Let the good times roll

I frequently read around other blogs to get a sense of how other people are finding the markets, but also because it's nice to see other people go through similar emotions. I was reading John's blog, and read that some guy said I was on 'trading steroids'. I promise you I'm not on trading steroids, I've just been really in the zone lately with my trading! John's blog is a good read. Another great blog is Leonthefixer's; his blog is a really good read, he puts a great effort into it by making it very detailed about his life as a trader. Everyone knows Peter Webb's blog, the link has now changed, his blog is also a great read; he comments on pretty much everything! Scott Ferguson has a good blog, with a range of sport related posts its a breath of fresh air - so check that out too.

I hope the graph I posted yesterday answers those questions from readers who were wondering how long it took me to make a certain amount.

..I nearly forgot this other blog, there is a post that is quite interesting; John Wakefield is attempting to produce a Neural Network (NN) that can successfully trade profitably on it's own. By the looks of it he has managed to do it on a small scale - very impressive. I did a project on predicting horse racing in my final year of Computer Science, the intension was to produce a number of methods to predict the racing, including a NN, but there was so much work involved it never materialised.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, it was me who said you must be on trading steroids on Johns blog, really though, your profits are outstanding, exceptional even, by far the best I've seen! tell me your secret!! ha, just kidding.

I'm a trader myself and know there's no secret, it's very hard work! after a year and a half I'm making an average wage. Just hope I get near your level! anyway keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

Dear Adam: 1. do you follow or note the form or racing cards, if so what do you look for? 2. And what is in your opinion the single most important or useful tool on BetAngel? Thank you very much. CT

danos said...


Been following your progress ever since Peter Webb’s blog mentioned your challenge and really enjoying it! Your results are truly inspiring and also thought provoking. I started on Bet Angel about 10 mnths ago but as I have a full time job I can only trade some evenings and some weekends and my consistency has suffered greatly. In an earlier blog you mentioned that you didn’t start trading until you had finished Uni ‘cos you wanted to do it full time, in your opinion do you think it is possible to be successful at this only trading part time? I hope it is but because I am not watching/learning from the markets every day I do make costly mistakes.

As I am not in a position to give up the day job just yet I have been toying with the idea of trading on a laptop in my lunch hour from the local Starbucks near my office using the WiFi hotspot. Do you have any experience of mobile trading with a Slingbox feed, scares the hell out of me when I think of all the wireless links that could go wrong mid way through a trade?

Anonymous said...

Adam it's a blog, blog, blog, blog world. But one thing I wanna know is, Why the blog? It's a great blog for us. But what do you get out of it? You're not promoting anything. No ads. And it's probably a pain in the butt to have to update all the time. So why? Does it really help you maintain discipline, do you think your totals would diminish if you didn't have the eyes of the blog community on your endeavours? Just curious. Ta, Mongo

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam
Enjoy reading your blog and admire your success as a trader.
Can I ask what refresh rate you have Bet Angel set at ?
I am wondering whether you can have it set too fast so that, in a fast moving market you need to scratch or be stopped out instead of riding a trend ?
regards Roger

Anonymous said...

adam, how much did you lose in total before you started making nice consistent gains? I've asked John the same as it would be good to know if you guys suffered for your art. I know Mike B dropped a bit before he mastered things...only to dump the exchanges for the City. What damage was done to your piggy bank before it started to fill up again? Cheers, Bernie

Taras said...

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Adam Heathcote said...

Hi CT, I don't follow any form - I look for all sorts of things, mostly weight of money and trends. The most useful tool for me would be the ladder interface.

Hi danos, I think it is possible to get reasonably successful from just trading on the evening and weekends, it will just take longer to learn because you're trading on less races per week. I do use a Slingbox occasionally, it is handy and there is no reason why I wouldn't recommend it if you are trading away from home.

Hi Mongo, good question. It's for discipline reaosns and I guess in the hope that someone came along and said I'll hire you and pay me more than I earn - I guess! There's always hoping!

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Roger, I personally used to have it on 400ms, now I've been using 500ms because I changed it a while ago for some reason and didn't notice until the other day. I've also traded on the fastest - 200ms just fine. So I guess it's just a matter of personal preference.

Hi Bernie, I didn't really lose anything - I had losing days, but I went straight into profit after a week and never looked back.