Sunday, 1 February 2009


January's trading finished on Friday for me; I haven't traded a full day on Saturday for a few weeks now because I feel like the weekend off leaves me feeling refreshed for the next week. January has turned out to be my best month in terms of daily average and monthly profits, with the racing fixture list this month taking a big hit from the poor weather conditions I don't quite know how I managed to produce these kind of results. I traded 24 full days and 2 partial days, where a full day means I traded through all the racing in any given afternoon. I averaged £55.02 a race and approximately £854 per full trading day, averaging around 15-16 races in a full day. On the downside there was about £4,000 damage in premium charges. All in all a great first month of the challenge!


Scott Ferguson said...

Can understand the reasoning about avoiding Saturdays. Not only is there the social life aspect, but also you face a lot of different punters in the market. A lot of weekend dabblers plus many full-time traders withdraw because they have families to take care of. And there are usually many more races and other sporting events on TV, thus the market dynamics can change considerably.

Too-much-too-young said...

Wow !!! Well done Adam..
Can I ask what are "preium charges" ? its this different to betfair commision ?
Do you use the "one click screen" ? or "ladder"
Would you say Peter Webbs course is a must to be this good at tradeing
Keep up the good work

TraderGray said...

Hi Adam

Nice wage...

Thanks for some stats, although I am a long, long, way away from emulating them.

Good luck with Feb.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam

superb results well done.
once a trade goes in your favour to you keep adding to it to get the results that you do.

Anonymous said...

These blogs are great but yours makes me gasp! Ive seen some other blogs and the guys do well, like Mike B, the apparently retired Pinsticker, John the Irish bloke. But you seem to double/treble what they do. Why are you the big swinging tick, Adam? Larger stakes, do you think, or is that intuition putting you a step ahead of us mugs? Please tell. Bless yer, David Martin

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Scott, there is that as well, but sometimes if I've adapted my trading right, those market dynamic variations can be used to an advantage!

Hi Too-much-too-young, best answer to what the Premium Charge is at under Betfair Charges, but basically its a charge to anyone who trades in a high number of markets and earns more than £5k a year - basically horse racing traders.

Adam Heathcote said...

Anonymous, occasionally I might add to the trade, if I think it's still going to move further in the direction I want it to move in.

Drifter said...

Hi Adam

Nice work!

Good luck for this month.

Will you trade this week if there is only one race meeting a day?


Carl Harris said...

Adam, great Blog and very interesting, i have been a pro punter for a few years, and have had a lot of success but recently I have become dismayed with certain aspects of racing, lets just say.

I have been playing at trading during january and have decided to focus my strategy on trading, to eliminate the uncertainty of the performance (I think you know what Im saying!!).

I wish that I had found this ability when I was your age and your earning potential is fantastic! Im enoying the challenge but its a real paradim shift in thinking.

One question... your trades are they short-term trades Ie 10 minutes before the race or are you trading selected racing throughout the day? My observation is that most business is done 10 mins before the off?

Cheers Carl

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,
sorry for the question:
but that money you've won only by trading and doing sure-betting before the race or you have won by betting on runtime?
Thanks for your reply.

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Drifter, I have been trading even if there is only 1 meeting on, now I have the mentality that if I'm available to work I should as it will all help me achieve my goal.

Hi Carl, I trade on all of the races in the day, generally, and will always consider trading in the markets from the 15 minute to race-off marker. So you are right in your observation!

Hi Carlos, all the money I have made is from trading pre-race - I never let a trade go in-play (at least not on purpose!).