Monday, 16 February 2009


It's important to be on a good ISP, at the moment my connection frequently drops once every few days. I have rung up but they say there's no log of it cutting out, including my modem log - which must be lying since I see the Internet lights disappear on the modem! I haven't sorted it out yet because I have my backup laptop with mobile broadband, so I just jump on there as soon as I sniff anything wrong with my connection - a poor excuse really, I will get it sorted. The quality of connection with the API has been quite up and down over the last week, today was good though; it can be very frustrating and stressful when you click to place orders in the market and there is a delay. This is what happens on the Bet Angel graph:

Bet Angel spots the difference with the total matched between the last price matched and the current price matched and says there was £19,500 traded in one go - obviously there wasn't, it was just my Internet connection dropping out for a minute!

Prior to today, the previous 3 trading days I kept hitting a ceiling of profit of £700-900, which isn't bad at all, but I made all that profit in the first half of racing cards. Looking back it was definitely a psychological battle which just influenced my trading! I traded a few Irish Navan races today which is why the screenshot shows 23 races traded, I used to try and ignore them; now I try and trade them.


Rob The Builder said...


You get a mention in my blog today. Check it out.

Rob The Builder

afropunk said...

Nice going Adam. Although I have been reading it for a while, don't think I have posted before to thank you for sharing your blog. Best of luck with your 2009 challenge.

Carl Harris said...

I try and Ignore the Irish markets both to trade and to back. The best value I have derived over the last five years is laying the favourite!! Min price 4/6 max 3/1. You watch how many actually win!
Carl Harris
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leonthefixer said...

Hi Adam,

I don't think it was your internet connection dropping out if it happened yesterday (Monday) towards the end of the day. Think it was about the second last race?

The whole of Betfair locked up. I heard from several people and everyone one of them had the complete lock up.

Saturday the API was woeful for me and many others, how did you find it?

The last few Saturdays it has been very poor yet Betfair seem to think there is not really an issue - my arse there isn't!

Just make sure you email when you spot issues as they are saying thery heard from very few people, however, when you look at the forums etc there are a lot of people complaining. BDP think there is no issue as they don't hear from people!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've had some nightmare problems with ISP's (AOL)now I seem to have found a good one - touch would! I have mobile broadband backup but it is really slow where I am (no 3g) so not much use to be honest. The last few days I've had problems with Betfair and I'm sure it's thier API. My connection is fine so it seems it's betfairs servers.

Your proifts are so consistant! unreal!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

I tell people to steer clear of virgin media!! If they didnt have me in a contract!!

I find as soon as a spot a trend it goes against me!

It all happens so quickly!!

Have you any advice on how to "be faster"?

Would reversing the book help?



gettingbybutonlyjust said...

Well done again Adrian and thanks for keeping us up to date with your progress. I have been trading for a number of years and have no doubt at all that your blog is genuine. I don't make anything close to the figures you are achieving, but I am sure it is quite possible, and your efforts act as an inspiration.

fairfranco said...

Do you find there to be enough liquidity in the Irish races?

I often find despite trading smaller amounts than you that it can be difficult to interpret the market as with such small amounts prices can swing quite a bit.

I've successfuly done some but like you have tended to ignore them.

gettingbybutonlyjust said...

Sorry Adam.... just realised I called you Adrian in the previous post!

Adam Heathcote said...

Hey Rob, great blog just read a load of it. Cheers for the mention!

Hi afropunk, Thanks!

Hi leonthefixer, I now email Betfair whenever I have problems to complain. You're right; if no one complains they won't know there's a problem!

Hi Nick, tips to be faster? Try the Wii game Big Brain training - that will get you thinking and reacting more quickly after playing it!

Hi fairfranco, I do think there is enough liquidity in the Irish races to trade, I sometimes trade them and sometimes not! - mostly only if there is a good opportunity.