Sunday, 8 February 2009

Heathcote won again!

Heathcote the horse ran the other day in a race of 3 runners. Thankfully, the favourite stacked it at one of the early hurdles and basically gave the victory to Heathcote. I put a £30 bet on him to win and I had only made £9 from trading the race. The amount I gambled just shows how much I don't like gambling with anything over £50. Anyway, the fact that I knew I was going to put a bet on him really impacted my trading on the race - amazing that if you have any preference over a horse that it can affect your ability to trade; at least in my case.

I traded this Saturday, because on the Monday there was absolutely no racing so I felt like I should work. It was my first Saturday in about a month, the liquidity was good to start off with but seemed to deteiorate as the day went on - possibly because I know quite a few people were experiencing connection issues with the API, myself included; it made it one hell of a stressful day for me but managed to just tip over the £1k mark by a couple of pounds. The thousand marker seems to be my daily target now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,
Generally - do you tend to jump to the front of the market and 'take' what is there? Or do you offer up money to be taken?
Figured during a breakout you might jump in...

Anonymous said...

well done Heathcote! And the horse, as well. Adam, when you open trades are they always winning trades or do you have to cut quite a few before one 'bites' and turns the red to green? Have a good week. Thanks, Trent

Anonymous said...

HI Adam. When you trade are most of your trades on the favourite. How much do you trade on the other horses in the field? Cheers and good profits. D. Henkel

Anonymous said... .... no need to say more.

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Den, I do both, depending on the situation.

Hi Trent, they are definitely not always winning trades, I do have to take quite a few losses sometimes.

Hi D. Henkel, most of my trades are on the favourite, but a reasonable chunk are also on the second favourite and sometimes the third favourite - probably in the ratio of 6:3:1.

Anonymous, I hope the video I did proved you otherwise!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,
any tips on starting out, how much did you start up with?
Cheers Steve