Wednesday, 18 February 2009


The last two days I have been experimenting with the refresh rate on Bet Angel - I have been using 400ms since I started in August 2007, then a few months ago I accidentally left it on 500ms and when I realised, I thought, hmmm, I seem to have been doing okay on that refresh rate so I left it at that. Now since yesterday, I've been using a refresh rate of 200ms. Theoretically it would be better since you would then be viewing the data in more of a real-time state and you can make decisions based on the latest information given in front of you. It took a couple of races to get used to, right now I am not seeing any benefits from it - I'm not sure whether I expect to really, mostly because the higher refresh rate is effectively making my brain process more information and it definitely tires my brain out. I will stick with the 200ms refresh for another for another few weeks to see how that goes; it's good to be experimental with your trading setup. I used to trade with one Bet Angel open, then I started trading with two open at the same time to view more information, and now I have just one open (well I'm restricted to just one because otherwise I would incur Betfair data request charges!), but with the 3 ladders page, instead of just the one enhanced ladder interface. Try every layout/setup possible and eventually you'll be able to see what works best for you. I think I may find that 200ms is too fast, and going back to 4/500ms is much less stressful!

My target now is officially £1,000 a day. It sounds a hell of a lot, and back when I was started out I never dreamed of such a feat. Even 3 months ago I thought, it's too much to ask for. Today I found myself just over £100 up nearly half way through the day thinking, oh great, I've stuffed today up, having averaged only £12 or so a race. But I kept the £1000 target in my head and amazingly I broke it on the last race! Anyway, I'm sure I've discussed it before, but setting daily targets is not to everyone's taste, mostly considering the varying quality of racing and the number of cards going on in a day, but I really find it helps me get that little bit better.





hi mate,

great blog. i am just in the process of setting up my optimised trading setup with bet angel. I am wanting to use duel monitors, but how do you set it up so that i can have the 3 ladders on my main screen and then say the charting on my extra screen? i am not great with technology so any advice would be more than helpful.

anyway great read as always and the best of luck and health to you.


Anonymous said...

I really hate you.....but only because I am as green as the Hulk with envy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

Thanks for showing your full p/l. It's nice to see those minus figures...not in a nasty way...but it shows that you're mortal like the rest of us:)

Take care and good luck.


alex said...

Hi Adam,
Great blog, keep it going!
Would you like to exchange links with my blog

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Ironhorse, I'm not sure how to set up a dual monitor as I've never done that before! Probably one to google.