Tuesday, 10 February 2009


It is becoming clear that in the horse race trading community there is a sense of questionable authenticity over the P&L's taken as screenshots on blogs. I am aware that screenshots can be replicated using photoshop or using an HTML generator. It does make me laugh when I see people question the results on here, but I guess that's only because I know I'm making the results. I really would like this blog to be seen as authentic and stop the conspiracies flying around - so I would like your (realistic) feedback on how best to prove my results. I have already tried Adam Todd's method of emailing Betfair and asking for someone to verify my results, but this apparently is not allowed! I have thought about doing a video of me logging into my Betfair account whilst using some screen video capture software - if anybody knows of a good one? I hope I can eliminate 100% of the uncertainty, but probably eventually more like 90%.

I generally like to stay away from controversy, but this Betfair result generator is quite sad! I can see the funny side of it, but not if it lessens the genuineness of this blog.

Anyway, back to my challenge, I've kept up the recent progression I've made, although I have had a temperature since yesterday and I find trading more stressful when I'm aching a bit. I find that trading really does use a lot of emotional energy up, especially if you're trying to keep your emotions under control, because that itself consumes energy! A goal I have is to trade without emotions, and be unaware of it, so I'm not using energy up being aware. If that makes any sense.




Carl Harris said...

I dont doubt your results. After all you would only be fooling yourself!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,
Congratulations so far and good luck for the future!
I'm totally new to Trading but wanted to ask you if you think the Betangel Training is essential to becoming an exceptional trader or do you think you can get along without it.

Thanks. Nigel

Anonymous said...

If I was you I wouldn't care about the people who don't believe you, why should you go through the time and effort of proving your results? Your good enough to post your results and help people out! that's more then most do.

Keep up the good work, great results for yesterday and today, honestly I have lost money both days!

Anonymous said...

The authenticity point is a good one...especially when you are making the sort of daily profits that you are! The best way dispel any issues would be to post a live trading video via Camtasia etc much as Peter Webb does.

I am not sure how much you will 'give away' - unless you are doing something so unique that it has not been done yet.

But as you say, you know you are profitable - you have a following - I would just ingore the non - believers. In fact if it were me, I wouldn't even post my profits. Take the 'either believe me or don't - makes no differnce to me'

Impressive results,

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone go to the trouble of fabricating their P&L day in and day out. You could use Camtasia Studio - and when you are at it could you make video of a trading sesson too and let me see it...LOL

Rotteborp said...

Hello Adam!

I think we can do verification and even "in-play"! verification of your or any trader real record in near future. So you may decide what data you want to show on your blog and some kind of widget will send information about your profit/loss, volume of trade, graphs etc with some kind of delay say every 10-15 minutes.

For instance now we have personal betting website and due I know my login and password I receive all account data directly from betfair.

The key problems are - trust to us plus technology (SSL access or smth like this). Sure noone will use what I proposed unless this person will be 100% sure that all his/her data is protected. Again I think it's a matter of time and knowledge to provide this service because everyone trust to BetAngel and other software vendors.

I asked question on betfair BDP forum - you may read about what we want to do at least on Betfair.


Best regards
P.S. You may try our system and we can give you >100000 bets. If you know to know more about us and our projects - it's private info - email please to support@trackbets.info

Anonymous said...


Well done again are the minus figures where a trade has gone the other way to what you thought but you believed may have come back before the off and then got out rather than go in-running.


Juicestorm said...

Hi Adam,

Would you be interested in appearing on the WUBT Radio Show over at Juciestorm?

Drop me a line via the contact form over there and we can talk further.

Warm Regards, LEE

Anonymous said...

Why not just do a video of a couple of races where you trade, plenty of other blogs have done it. Some people say they wont do it as it will affect their trading but tbh I don't agree, it just runs in the back ground so you don't notice it.

Your spec will more than handle it so that is no issue - you don't really even have to show youself actually trading if you don't want - why not just record the part of the screen that shows your profit or loss per runner at the top of the ladder.

You can then put them up onto youtube and people wouldn't then be able to argue with your results. Just do it for a few consecutive races rather than the one here and there approach as people will think you are just picking and choosing what you show.

I would recommend using Cam Studio which you can get for free from www.download.com which is 100% above board.


I look forward to your video and shutting up the doubters once and for all as I don't think videos can be altered - why not do the first 3 races tomorrow? If you were to say in advance on the blog which you were going to record I think that would make it even more bomb proof!

I can see why people question your results to be honest as you are making huge amounts of money, I have spent this morning watching the banking inquiry on BBC News and you are earning Net what these top executives are making who are double your age and are in charge of multi million pound companies. Anyway Keep up the blog - you have at least one believer in me!


Stewart said...

Hi Adam

You don't need to prove it because:

1. You know they are real
2. The vast majority are here to learn and having also witnessed Peter, most people know these results are possible and have no reason to doubt you
3. The negative idiots can never change - These idiots always blame/look for fault in others because this is more palatable than the truth of their own insufficiencies.

Don't change your P&L posting because however you do it the doubters will always say "ah but........."

Too-much-too-young said...

Well Adam
This opens up a LARGE can of worms !!!
I have been reading your blog and saying to my self "this guys swiched on,he knows his stuff and good luck to him"
Now Ive started to wonder?
Even reading this post I started thinking,he posted this at around one oclock ?
With a P&L that finished at 5.15
I hope with all my heart that your results are ture.
After finding out the truth about "father christmas" and the "tooth fariy" please give me somthing to belive in "

pt9091 said...


I too had a look at the betfair profit genrator only today, its amazing how quick word gets around about these things on the forums!

Personally I read your blog most days for inspiration as I am still not able to read the markets properly but I Am still learning something new every day so I know it will come with time, as for the conspiracy theorists, I would stick some video up of you doing some trading, maybe 5-6 races consecutively, Camtasia do screen recording software and give a 30 day free trial, thats the software peter webb uses in his videos and the software I use to record my own trading sessions to see where and what done wrong or right.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam

I like your blog however I am not surprised to hear people question its authenticity. The profits you make seemingly at will are much bigger than most people dream of. It probably doesn't help that your screenshots look just like those at Juicestorm. There is never any excess like a bit of the browser showing or whatever..desktop etc.

Anwyway can I ask - did you lose on any of todays 13 races? Just interested in your strike rate, thanks.


Adam Heathcote said...

Lots of response! To cut my response short, I'll post a video up of some sort very soon!

Hi Rotterborp, I haven't had time to properly look at your site, but I will get around to it - I can imagine privacy of information would be a concern yes!

Hi Lee, I would like to come on in the future, but not at the present! I've always hated doing talks etc. at school and University, but once I've got over the fear (which is one of the things I'm working on) I'll get in touch! Cheers.

Too-much-too-young, I've had this question before! I started writing the post before racing started, and the blogger logs and prints the time I started the post.

Thanks for you guys with the positive responses - much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

hi adam

with 2 meeting and you were able to make over £1000 wow i'm really impressed

adam the londoner

cudster said...

Go on Adam.
Go on WUBT! Would be great to hear from the legend that is you!

Just leave the sceptics alone...they're not worth it


Paul said...

What would be the point of faking it? None of us know Adam or will ever meet him probably. Indeed for all I know, there might not be any such person in the real world, just some oddball in a damp flat somewhere. What credibility or pleasure would the daily effort of the blog bring to the author if it wasn't true? It would be ludicrous and quite possibly deranged. This business of doubting Adam's authenticity seems pointless. If you don't believe him, don't read his blog. The rest of us can continue to find his story interesting and inspiring

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam

I have been following your blog ever since I came across it. I am just starting out on my trading journey! I feel your blog is quite inspirational and I would love to be able to do what you do on a daily basis. I have never doubted your results or your progress. The tone of your blog comes across as genuine and honest. You don't have to prove anything to anyone. However, saying that, I would love to see a video of how you trade as I feel it would be an education and a good insight into trading and how a 'professional' does it. Also, some little tips on trading would go down well with me! Keep up the good work. Regards, AG

Anonymous said...

The trouble is, it doesn't matter what you post IMHO but they will always try and pick a hole in it.

There are a few characters in the industry, who should know better, who prefer to rubbish others than make their own contribution to the market. Just because they are no longer able to trade even to a modest standard they seem to think no one can and make a fool of themselves by bashing those that do if for a living. Sad but true.

IMHO people will take from your blog what they wish, if that's jealousy, then that's their problem. No yours.

ChrisRi said...


Great blog, a video of a single trade would be great and shut up the hecklers. Jojn Oneil on his blog has a description of his daily approach to trading which includes the sort of fundemental analysis of the races that a stock trader would do on individual stocks or market in general, do you consider this side of things or do you concentrate on the technical market moves?



Andy Rotten said...

Hi Adam

I'd just like to add my voice to the majority who agree with me that you don't need to look for further proof.

I spent some time wading through the earlier posts and the onething that comes accross instantly is how genuine you seem to be as a person.

I suspect that the major reason for having doubters of your results is the jealousy factor which 99.9% of your readers will have at some level or another, wishing they too could make £1,000 plus a day.

I for one am more than happy to openly admit that I'd give my right arm to be able to duplicate your trading and return similar results!

Anyway, did anyone else get Betfair log-in problems this afternoon? They seem to be getting more unreliable by the day.

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you adam,just because you know what others dont,no justification needed here but a few tips might help,well done mate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam great blog!
Could i ask you for some advice please and the charts on betangel I have read that you use charts while trading and on pinstickers blog i he said trading without a graph is like driving without a windshield but when i use them they just seem to reflect whats happening on the ladder anyway so whats the point in looking the graph when you can just look at the screen or is it that i just have the chart set wrong , and what are you looking for on the chart a long term trend or just resistance levels, any advice/ advice on settings would be greatly appreciated.

Rick Ford said...

Hi Adam,

It would be good for me if you drill down into the result to show you what your profit. Maybe do one screenshot of your biggest win such as on the 9th Feb, 3:45pm @ Plumpton when you won £224.15.

It will possibly prove authencity for thse sceptics but for me it will show hoe much money your backing and laying on that horse.

If you can just do it now and again, then that would be great.



Anonymous said...

Hi, only just come across the blog and haven't had time to read through it all yet to make a decision.

At the end of the day it's up to you if you wish to verify your p\l but they'll always be people other than your small 'fan base' that will doubt your figures. They'll be some that will even doubt any evidence you may put up and be on a merry go round proving p\l for the duration of the blog.

Personaly, as a trader, I think it's a good thing people have thrown the validity of certain blogs into question. It doesn't mean they're lying but we may see a few go under or come up with fanciful excuses not to verify their ,lets face it, large profits.

Anonymous said...

hi adam

don't get me wrong but is nothing to do with jealousy but trading the favourite is really hard unless you have a sophisticated software better than betangel ,as i consider betangel best outthere ,but making money everyday just doesn't make sense to me personnaly i been trading the stockmarket for 8 years swingtrading to be precise unless you prove me wrong.sorry for being pessimestic all the best mate tennis or football yes is possible to make £3000 or more a day but definitely not racing on a daily basis

Anonymous said...


I think a lot of the scepticism comes from the fact that you are both heavily promoting & promoted by BetAngel. I think if you removed the links, stopped promoting Peter & BetAngel so much & just made the blog about your trading, people would be far less suspicious of it. I also think it’s a bit misleading for BetAngel to point here from the home page of their site, as it gives novices unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved. In a zero sum game, only a minute percentage will ever achieve top results.

Carl Harris said...

Lots of good comment but some jealousy, why? Keep going fella, its good to see someone mastering his craft.
My Blog is

Adam Heathcote said...

Thanks for those of you who support me, I resonate with your thoughts!

Hi Chris, personally I don't consider any of the pre-racing analysis. I consider only some fundamental analysis of graphs 10 minutes before the race, the rest is on what is happening in the now in the market - so yeah all the technical market moves.

Hi Tom, I use the graphing to figure out resistance points as you say and possible long term trends etc. I have all the graph settings on default!

Anonymous, it is possible on racing, all your have to do is look at typical price movements, and work out what you need to do in order to make certain amounts and with what stakes.

Hi another anonymous, I actually offered Peter W. Bet Angel advertising on my blog is exchange for a link on his website to get some publicity for my blog - that's all! You are right with is being a [nearly] zero sum game, but if you are good at understanding the markets, there's no reason why anyone can't rise above the rest.

Thanks for the continued support Carl!