Friday, 23 January 2009

PC Setup

I have been having a few problems with my PC for a few weeks now. It started with a few memory errors just as I was shutting down. Then my computer wouldn't boot, saying disk boot failure. Anyway, I am suffering these problems because I have a dodgy motherboard. I have my a RAID 0 for my OS and it has just caused a load of technical problems. I have been stubborn in getting a new motherboard because I want to wait and get the new Intel i7 architectured motherboard with the new processor when the new Windows 7 comes out. Anyway I got Blue Screen Of Death the second I finished trading on the first race today. Thankfully it wasn't half way through a trade! At the moment my setup consists of:

2.4Ghz Quadcore
Raid 0 10k Raptor Drives
30" Dell monitor
22" TV
Wired mouse
Wireless keyboard
Dell Latitude E4200 w/ HSPDA 7.2Mbps mobile broadband
Vista Ultimate 64bit

I don't really need to go into any more detail than that for the setup. Most of the stuff I have is not needed to trade, I'm just a bit of a geek and like to have a powerful setup! The main things to worry about is the processor speed, a good motherboard and plenty of fast RAM. A piece of software I would recommend is called Tuneup Utilities. If you don't have a powerful setup and want to make the most of what you have, the software can help you optimise everything about your Windows setup to improve the performance.

Thankfully I had no more BSOD's and the rest of my trading today was incident free (saying that I just got another BSOD just at the end of writing this paragraph!). I went on the London Eye for the first time yesterday evening and it was a great experience. I can't believe it had taken me this long since it opened up to go on it! Especially having always lived in and around London.




Joao Freitas said...

Shame on you Adam. I live in Lisbon and went to London Eye four months ago, eheh. I'm not into tourist atractions here in Lisbon anyway, guess it's kinda normal ;) Congratulations for your results. I'm a 100€ bank trader yet, hoping to make from that a good bank size. Your results are reference to me. Cheers!

cudster said...

Good post regarding your set-up.
I'm curious to know your background of trading and how you started.
Did you start trading before you went to Peter Webbs Seminar? - If so did you make a profit?!
Also once you had been to the seminar, what was your initial investment in to trading?

keep up the great blog!

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi cudster, I'll possibly write a more detailed account of my background and how I got started soon. I didn't start trading before Peter's course. Once I started trading I used a bank of around £50 to £100.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, what do you monitor on your two monitors? Do you have the BetAngel charts and the ladder and field prices? What else, if anything, is useful to watch before the race to help you figure which way the price is going? Thanks a lot mate. Regards Dave

cudster said...

Cheers for that.
I look forward too it!

fairfranco said...

do you have a second PC to back you up incase of crash? Or do you have the Betfair phone line on speed dial?

as your bank grows it must be an essential to ensure you don't lose the whole stake.