Friday, 9 January 2009

Off form

Last two days have seen me off form. I don't like posting when I'm not doing very well, it just hurts more when I have to write the posts! Not suprising I guess! Everybody prefers to talk about success rather than failure. Now some of you will be thinking well your still making money, but I just haven't been what's called 'In the zone'. I just haven't been making the most of given opportunities. Anyway, you get your ups and downs. I made just over £400 yesterday and £100 today. Both days basically just saw me make plenty of silly frustrating mistakes. I am looking forward to the meetings getting back as usual. These are the times where the good days are needed to account for the bad ones. I'm very disappointed with myself and will surely come back strong as I always have done in the past. I'll probably take the weekend off as it feels like I haven't had many days off lately; a refreshing break should see me back more focused.


TickSize said...

Hi Adam, Keep your chin up mate. Your not going to win every battle but as long as you win the war then you're the victor.

Your 150K target is your target, don't take your eye off the prize. Now is a good time to take off as so much racing is canceled and delayed which I'm sure is affecting the liquidity. Come back refreshed ready to continue the fight.

Tim said...

Hi Adam,
Good blog you've got going.
Have you considered setting up your own website, writing a book, or doing live trading videos/webinars?

I guess youve got over 100 people here interested already!
Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam!
You'll definately back on track.Dont let you down as confidence always needed by trader. By the way, could you tell me your current pc set up?. Picture would be great.

Kenny said...


Reading your post with interest as I know how hard it is sometimes to make money in this game.

One question I have.
Do you always Green or Red before the off or do you let your potential losses and gains 'run'

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Tim, cheers for reading the blog, I haven't considered setting my own website up, doing a book or live trading! I think I'm happy doing the blog and the trading right now.

Anonymous: I'll make a post in the next couple of days about my PC set up, with a picture!

Hi Kenny, I always green up before the off (sometimes in-play if I left it too late). I never leave potential losses and gains run as that's then gambling!