Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Minimalistic Day

The racecourses once again fell into the hands of the weather with Newcastle written off and Lingfield delayed. I was looking for a simple straight forward consistent routine of trading today so I ignored the Lingfield races with poor liquidity and just traded the Newbury races. I didn't trade the evening races; I'd planned to go to another Bikram yoga session. Unfortunately I got there late and the class was full, so I had to turn and come back home! Anyway, a good result from trading the first 6 Newbury races. Sometimes trading intermittently can be an annoyance and have a negative effect on my trading, but other times it lets me focus much better on the few races there are. This is why in the Summer when there is much more racing on I will seldom achieve similar returns per race! A mentality I challenge myself to change.

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