Thursday, 1 January 2009

A messy start

Woke up at 12:30 with a hangover, from a great night out. I got some cereal and sat straight down to make some pennies, with the attitude that the pennies make pounds (or in my case the pennies will help me hit my target!). The markets were not perfect for trading, probably because New Years Day would hardly be a day for people to study form and have a bet, I might be wrong. I was quite sloppy in my trading (expected with a hangover) and managed to miss an hour of trading. In the 13:40 I got what I call either 'absolutely f****d' or 'totally shafted'. Some guy while I was in position totally screwed me over with their massive bet in a change of direction of about 8 or 9 ticks. I was not happy, and it's amazing the kinds of swear word combinations you can come up with when something goes wrong or you make stupid mistakes! My flatmate and I could fill a whole dictionary with them. We credit each other when we come up with original lines!


John said...

Good luck with the challenge Adam,starting my own on Monday when all the relatives go home (i hope) at , I will be watching yours to see how bad i am doing.

Steve from Chester said...

Hi Adam,

THERES MANY A SLIP TWIXT CUP AND LIP, goes the old saying.
In the sobriety of the next day and reading my post to your blog on new years eve, the content may be slightly misleading to some, so for the benifit of doubt, if you allow me, I,d like to put the record straight. My callenge is one against myself and my target figure is? well, you can certainly move the decimal point a few places to the left of your target and if you could see my P&L from 1.1.09 you can see the funny side of that post. Anyhow apologies to all concerned.
On a more positive note although you claim a "messy start" the aim of your challenge is £0-£150,000 and a £436 profit on day one is still, a £436 proift. Onwards and upwards. Well done.

Matthew said...

Hi Adam,
How did you manage to post your blog today at 21:19 when your betfair account shows 21:21?

Cant understand it haha.....

Adam Heathcote said...

What can't you understand Matthew? I starting writing the post at 21:19 and took the screenshot when I finished writing the text! When you start writing a post, it logs the time you click 'New Post' as the time of the post.

Tony said...

Hi Adam,i have been wathing your blog very interesting,can u tell me Adam do u trade on one horse per race or many horses per race,
reason why i ask is your screen shots only show trading one horse per race. Tony