Friday, 16 January 2009

Great result

Another great result today, when it's going bad it gets worse, but when it's going well, it really goes well. I know I'm not having a hard time at the moment, but if you are it's always good to realise that luck changes hands a lot and that there will be a lucky spell just around the corner. A good book to read if you don't think you're very lucky is a book called 'The Luck Factor' by Richard Wiseman. He discusses the factors that make a lucky person lucky. One of the most important factors I picked up was if you believed you were a lucky person, you were more likely to find luck! I read it last year and it has made me a more positive, and in turn, lucky person.

Back to today, I thought there were some good movements and good liquidity again; the best combination for a trader. I didn't trade on the evening races because I was mentally exhausted after concentrating so hard today!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mate - that was some total for the day!

I personally felt liquidity was dire on quite a few races today, in particular at Catterick - several had just £150k-£200k matched with 60 seconds to the off and I remember seeing some more than one with just £350k at the off.

There were some good races with £1m matched but I really felt on the whole liquidity was poor for a Friday.

Well done - wish I could manage just 10% of what you do.


Scott Ferguson said...

or there's the other angle - work your tail off and understand the potential risk and reward of everything.... then you suddenly 'get lucky' :)

Hard work and an open mind will go a long, long way...

paul said...

Wow, what a result, Adam! How did you find the api today? I use bettrader for in running and the action has been ruined these last couple of days by the slow and sluggish performance. Any suggestions for reading material about market basics (financial, that is, not a fruit and veg stall in Brick Lane). Well done again!

John said...

Incredible result - I worked my bol;@!ks off today and managed just 50% of your total.Well done it's an amazing result . Congrats

Adam Heathcote said...

Hey Leon, actually you are right. Now that I think of it there were quite a few Catterick races where the total money matched was quite low, but in the last 5 minutes of most races there wasn't a bad amount of money queued, mostly on the favourite. I think I might have been swayed into thinking there was just because I had a good day? Anyway keep at it leon, you've definitely got enough market experience which should see you improve!

Hey Scott! You're definitely right, sometimes I just forget the hard work and tough moments I've had in the past!

Hi Paul, I found the API at the start of the today a few hundred milliseconds slow, but was fine after a few races. I found the same yesterday as well. Thankfully I haven't been suffering from any API problems here in Fulham. There isn't really any reading material I'm aware of, apart from Peter Webb's Online Betting Exchange material that he gave to us on his course. If I find anything good I'll post it on the blog!

Emanuel said...

Hi! I´m from Portugal and already your fan :) It´s incredible the profit you make everyday. Really impressive. I´m learning to trade on horses also only using stakes of 4€ for now. My ratio is not that good but I hope someday I can reach a good level. 100€ per day for me was fine :D Do you usually scalp the market? Keep up the good work, you will easily reach the mark :) Cheers from Portugal

Too-much-too-young said...

What a great days work !!
Thats filmstart wages
Ive only started trading after a year of laying.
Can I ask do you reverse your book on betangel/bettrader ??
What kind of amount are you trading in £500 £1000 ?
Keep up ther good work

Peter Webb said...

Well done, another excellent result. My angle, Luck is where opportunity meets ability!

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Emanuel, I do scalp the market.

Too-much-too-young, not quite film star wages! lol. I do have the book reversed, but I don't think it really matters! The amount I trade in varies depending on what I can use safely in the markets.

Thanks Peter! That's true as well! I guess the lucky part for me was finding out about this, and that was down to your course being mentioned at the Betfair Academy hosted by Mr Scott Ferguson!

John Wakefield said...

Hi Adam,

Fantastic result again!

Would it be possible for you to show a detailed P/L of your trades within a race to provide us with some idea of how you achieve this?

Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam, looks like your doing great!, i have been following your blog with interest and am looking at getting into this full-time myself, i just wanted to ask you how much the Peter Webb course aided in you doing well?, or was it pure practice makes perfect and good old trial and error ?? ie, basically would you recommend the course as giving you an edge in getting started in this line of work, i appreciate the feedback