Thursday, 29 January 2009

Great rebound

Apart from a few races where I managed to turn a good profit into either a loss or very small profit, I turned the day into a good result. I started off slightly hesitant given what happened yesterday, but after a couple of races I practically forgot about it.

I took a screenshot of this great example when somebody comes along in the market with a big order by backing (or laying) a large number of ticks away from the current price, in this example about 10 ticks! Anyway, you can see that the price slowly rebounded. So when this happens, the best thing is not to panic; well sometimes you do because the price may stick to where the backer or layer brought it down to, but more often than not I don't think you need to panic and get an awful price.

It was funny when Nick Luck, one of the TV presenters on Racing UK, accidentally aired "f***ing Nad Al Sheba" - something or rather that he was annoyed about. Anyway, it's random things like this that actually gives me something to laugh about considering the solitude I find myself in!


Joao Freitas said...

Yeah, that happened 0,5 seconds before i would back at current price.yet i managed some profit by laying after that happened.pretty predictable those situations. keep the good work ;)

Paul said...

Why would someone want to enter such a large order that the market takes such a large dive? Surely a staggered bet would get better odds. Seems pretty poor as a trading strategy as well

Rick Ford said...

Nic Luck is a legend for Racing UK. He is always expressing his opinion.

Anyway, I'm in the process of setting up my new trading station with quad monitor display and a sole comptuer for trading but I'm not educated on graphic cards. Can you advise on what I should be looking for to help the four screens move like clockwork.



PeterWebbHereIcome said...

Hey Adam,

Nice blog! I've really enjoyed reading all your entries after having someone pointing it out to me yesterday.

To a novice like me it's nice to have a carrot to run after :-)

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Paul, either they are a bookmaker and want all their money matched straight away (which seems silly), someone loss their mind, or someone has fat fingers!

Hi Rick, I'm not really the person to ask about display setups, I would have no idea how to setup a dual or even a quad setup!