Thursday, 15 January 2009

A great day!

I kept up focus throughout the whole day and came away with a great profit. Although I did have one bad race losing over £150 because I just thought the price was going to go one way the whole time, but it never did; each time cutting out for a loss when all of a sudden the losses racked up. I felt there were quite a few moderate price movements today, probably why I managed such a good result. I lost in 4 out of the 21 races losing £260 in total. Only bad thing about todays result is that I'm paying somewhere in the region of £300 Premium Charge. Not cool.

Sometimes I like listening to music while I trade, I like Armin van Buuren A State of Trance radio shows, they are a great listen, if your into that kind of music! I listen to music when things are going well, not when they are going badly. If it's going badly I like to know I'm not concentrating on anything else. I had another Bikram yoga session today after racing, I swear the room was heated to more like 50 degrees this time because I nearly fainted with heatstroke!


John said...

Well done Adam that's a fantastic result !!!!!!

Adam Heathcote said...

Cheers John! I've been itching to get a good day like that in for ages.

Wind Gatherer said...

I recently discovered your blog and am intrigued. All the best.

I don't understand something. Your spreadsheet shows a p/l of +108.11 and you say you lost 260 in bets. How is that a good day? What am I missing?

Here, across the pond, we are not granted access to betfair so the whole dynamic is foreign to me.


Anonymous said...

Adam, what an awesome day, your going so well. Even more so when I think about these amounts in Aussie dollars. lol. You have inspired me to keep practicing my trading at night after work.

Btw, love Armin too, just saw him in Perth last week.


JohnnyBoy said...

Adam - I always read your blog with interest - just wondering if you can offer a bit of advice - I feel I can at times struggle say trading the favourite when 'cutting out' trades that go against me too soon - only to see them return back to the previous levels shortly after which is very annoying! Obviously all trading positions are different as there can be lots of things happening in the market but do you have a general guide as to how many ticks you will let a trade going against you before getting out?

Rick Ford said...

Great Day Adam. I'm more of a Paul Van Dyk fan to keep me entertained while trading :-)

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Wind Gatherer, that screen shot just shows the last race I traded. If you look in about the middle of the screen shot that's the total P&L for the day. And if you look near the bottom right-hand side it says how many markets (races) I traded on. Hopefully gambling laws across America change!

Hi JohnnyBoy, I tend to get out whenever I feel the market is going to go against me too much, sometimes straight away. It's hard to say what I do all the time because it varies given the situation. Sometimes if it goes against me I will wait until it comes back (if it does!).

Hi Rick, just as I read that I had For An Angel playing. What a coincidence!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam! I can ask you if you scalp tick by tick or you try to take 4-10-20 ticks or you do both?

When you scalp tick by tick wich stakes do you use?


Anonymous said...

hi Adam, i notice your not very happy in paying premium charges which is quite understandable! is there no ways you could get round this? could you not move over to betdaq where the commission is only around 3% isnt it? thanks stephen.