Friday, 2 January 2009

Continued progress

I made some good progress today given Ayr being abandoned. They delayed the Southwell races by 5 minutes which I thought would have had a bigger impact on the liquidity but I was wrong, I think maybe because it was a planned delay. Anyway I carried out some good trading this afternoon until the 2.35 race at Folkestone, where someone in the betting ring or parade ring unfortunately collapsed delaying the racing considerably because they needed an air ambulance. Seeing that there was only two meetings on it messed up the liquidity/fluidity, mostly in the rest of the Folkestone races. By fluidity I mean the usual flow of money that takes place coming in on the back and lay sides of the market. Any delay on racing causes the betting industry to lose money (or rather saves the public's money!); it certainly prevents me from making some!

Anyway a good day, a good total. Assuming I work 220 days this year, I need to average £681.81 a day.


John Wakefield said...

Good luck Adam,

I hope you succeed in your challenge. I run a blog on machine learning, and your site has inspired me to post some articles about using neural networks to analyse market movements and liquidity in sports betting.


STEVE said...

Hi adam,

I follow your progress daily and I admire what you have done. Anyway I have a couple of questions- Could you have done what you have without going on peter webbs trading course and secondly in relation to your internet survey- What speed do you use. Good luck for the challenge this year.


Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Steve, I don't think I would be doing this if I didn't go to Peter's course. Could I have done this? - Yes, anyone could self teach themselves, but without the important and extremely helpful information that you get from the course it would take longer to develop an intuitive feel to the markets.
I have a 24meg connection, but I started off at my parents place with a 8meg and that was more than sufficient.