Saturday, 3 January 2009


I woke up today not sure whether I was going to trade today, since I have traded the last 5 days straight. Usually when I don't commit myself to a day's trading I make a mess of it because it's like a half hearted attempt. Once again I was disappointed at the abandonment of Sandown and Wincanton. I started off on the first race okay, then lost on the second race. At this point I was thinking why am I trading today, then I realised that I've got my blog readers to show that I'm not just going to give this challenge a go, I want to go and smash it. So I picked myself up, thrashed a good result out in the third race and was motivated to trade the rest of the day. I am sure this will be one of many times where blogging and knowing people are following your progress can really give you a kick up the backside when needed. I've had a few comments/emails saying that this blog has inspired them to do their own blog and take up trading. It's great to see. I was at the gym yesterday after afternoon trading and I happened to meet Wolé who won the Last Man Standing TV series competition on the BBC this year, I asked him how much it had boosted his mental strength and he replied saying that it had given him the mental strength and determination to get through anything life throws at him. He said all he has to do is remember what he went through. Anyway, an inspiration and a great guy, not to mention built like a brick house!


Anonymous said...

hi adam
what tick size do you use and do you set yourself a maximum loss ?

ProBettor said...

Wow Adam!

What can you recommend to read or watch online in order to be successful or at least to avoid some stupid errors.

I can't visit Peter Webb seminar because I live in Ukraine. I wanted to purchase his book but it's not available yet.

What is your trading strategy in few words? Poor tech analysis? Split of several methods and some sort of uncontest wisdom?

I have had some experience by trading like Adam Todd and had some success but you results (and probably methodology) differs.

Final question. It seems you don't afraid of Betfair's Premium Charge - am I right?

Thank you and GL!

mr.frank said...

This is just AWSOME dude!
Hope to get started soon aswell. Have been some delays.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, very impressive results!!!

I want to know if it's necessary to follow live races on Tv to trade like you or you trade only before race start...

I live in Italy and here "At the race" can't sell his service so we can't follow live racing...

good luck!

Andrew said...

I am impressed. You are very sucessful trader. In my opinion you should make video to show us how you do it. (sorry for my english);p
Andrew - Poland

Anonymous said...

Well done on deciding to trade the day when not entirely inclined to do so in the morning. As those who succeed (such as your good self) already know, you'll never get to the top of the mountain if you only climb when the sun is shining. Onwards and upwards.

Regards, Buck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam
I noticed on pinstickers blog that you left a comment in January 08 saying your average is £100 a day, - you have seriously improved!!! well done, what are you doing now that has resulted in that huge improvement - are you trading with betangels multi ladder ie are trading more than one horse at any given time per race - i guess what i am asking is "whats the secret"
Best of luck with the challenge - i will only lay you ar 1.01 and probably back at 1.01 aswell - your a certainty to get it

Adam Heathcote said...

Anonymous: My tick size varies a lot according to the liquidity of the market.

Hey ProBettor, the best research is reading the markets yourself on a daily basis. I never read any material to teach me how to trade, it's not really needed! My trading strategy is everything, I'm a diversified trader! Finally I hate the Premium Charge!

Anonymous 2: It's not necessary to follow the racing on TV but it definitely helps. I'm sure you might be able to stream the live footage, check ATR and RUK's websites maybe?

Hi Andrew, I don't need to make any videos, there are enough out there already!

Anonymous 3: Yeah I trade on more than one horse now, also back then, I only ever used to lay first; now I back and lack depending on what direction I think the market will head in. Experience in the market has also helped immensely!